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Many people suffer from impacted bones and scar tissue in their feet

Realign Your Body! Ayurvedic 8 Pt Foot Adjustment & Reflexology

No one can resist my foot adjustments, after just one-they continue to come back week after week or month after month-adding it on to their facials, energy work and consults.  Of course, everyone likes a “foot rub” but what I do is far beyond that.  Based on Stanley Burroughs (creator of the lemonade diet) foot […]

Imagine this implant in 6 years, the need for lymph detox is important for everyone!

Breast Massage & Lymph Detox-Changing the World One Breast at a Time

If you read my article on Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage -you understand that massaging certain marma points and using the correct dosha oil can facilitate healing and balance-benefiting the nervous system and lymph.  One thing I have always seen in my practice and still do-is an avoidance and fear of touching the breast.  I’ll never […]


Dr. Aurore-now at TRUTH SPA, Birmingham!

Dr. Aurore is happy to announce that her services are now available at Truth Spa in Birmingham. “I have been looking for a place with good energy and people with similar values for quite some time, Suzanne and Sandra at Truth Spa-have a solid foundation from years of wellness and a vision for the future. […]

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Aurore’vedic Recipes!

Aurore's Polenta Lasagna: the secret is out!

Polenta Lasagna, Fresh from the Garden

I try to make due with whatever nature springs forth from our garden.  Last week we gathered what we could at the equinox and brought in quite a bit of green tomatoes.  We fried the tomatoes up with the onions and garlic and it was a tangy, refreshing choice.  Remember all ingredients-raw and organic-when possible! […]

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Celebrity Health Spotlight:


Angelina Masochist Jolie: Celebrity Sickos, Get Sicker

We all remember Angelina Jolie’s antics-making out with her brother, wearing Billy Bob’s blood…and then there were her candid admissions of “cutting herself up” in a masochistic psychosis in high school.  She redeemed herself somewhat and even almost successfully proved her father (who went on record that she should not have children) wrong when she […]

photo credit: James Devaney, wiredimage.com

Pam Anderson: Celebrity Health Winner and Loser

I have always given props to Pamela Anderson for her Goddess home births but those were followed up with the dangerous choice to breast feed her two boys with moldy, poison plastic implant breast milk.  I remember reading an article about how her baby got really sick after birth and had some type of digestive […]

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What’s New with Dr. Aurore!

Dr. Aurore and her daughter that was viciously attacked at Hartland High School Halloween 2012

My Homeschooled Daughter was Assaulted and Videotaped in Public School: Life in the USA

                  om tat sat, refers to what is truly real, eternal and permanent, used to mean God or the soul. This is a very difficult subject for me to write about but as my fans and contacts continue to email me with questions about it, I felt like […]

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Breasts can be natural, healthy and beautiful

Natural Breasts = Health, Dr. Aurore is a strong advocate for women's health, natural breast health is a part of it read the book and stay updated on facebook!

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