Aurore’s Health & Wellness Spa

The Health & Wellness Spa
Aurore’s Health & Wellness Spa, conveniently located, north of Ann Arbor in Hartland, MI.

“Aurore is such a pleasant person to do business with. She is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied and set up another appointment.”

“Great experience!   Aurore is the best!” – Groupon recommendations

UPDATE: the health spa is now closed for relocating, please stay tuned for exciting updates to find out if Aurore’s services will be soon offered- near you!  

A unique west coast style organic health and wellness spa located in Michigan-north of Ann Arbor. Owned by author and doctor of natural health-  Aurore Henze. Wide range of services and alternative treatments offered based on her books, “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss.” Ayurveda, color and sound therapy, magnetic acupuncture, orgonomic homeopathy and emotional release are all part of her repetoire. Aurore trained with a licensed orgonomist psychologist for three years in a program for reattachment and healing psycho-somatic (core) disorders. Her soon to be patented face-lift facials are a successful alternative to dangerous chemical peels and surgeries. Look younger-feel younger- naturally.

* Waxing and hair removal, package and discounts up to 50% for multiples!

* Acne facial package with Detox, Color treatments and dietary recommendations. 4-5 recommended- maintenance.

* Therapeutic Facelift facial package includes: Craniosacral to release tight muscles in the face and establish a healthy CSR*, color therapy, high frequency and tuning fork acupuncture to stimulate organs and nerves for circulation and collagen and elastin tighting. Ayurvedic herbs and enzymes stimulate a natural chemical peel. Recommmend 4-5-maintenance. (Once collagen and elastin are brought in, like mortar joint in a brick wall-facials every 6-8 weeks to keep the proteins tight are very beneficial.)

* Weightloss program: lose weight with total emotional and physical support. Dr. Aurore is trained to help overcome emotional upheavals involving eating/food disorders, allergies, congested and sluggish organs. By using a total mind/body approach weightloss can be a worthy, tangible goal. Recommend: 4-8 treatments.

* Aurore’s Sleep Program: Insomnia can destroy your health and beauty. Primary glands like the pineal gland, responsible for sleep and wake cycles and the hormone secretion melatonin is stimulated with color and sound therapy. The circadian rhythm is re-established with the use of a light and sound machine- Dr. Aurore uses mind spa. This method has been highly successful in combatting insomnia and repatterning sleep cycles. Expect positive results in as little as 4 to 8 sessions.

* Chronic Disorder Treatment utilizing the Aurore Method: Rash, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Allergies, Lupus, Diabetes, Adrenal Exhaustion-are only a few of thousands of chronic disorders that can be helped and healed through the amazing, economical and scientifically proven methods the Dr. Aurore utilizes.

*Craniosacral therapy and its benefits can be read about here.

**Cancellation policy for AHWS is as follows-24 hour notice or be charged a fee of $25 or a price of the entire missed service for no call/no show 

For more information contact Dr. Aurore Below:

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