Eyelash Extensions

“Great experience! Dr. Aurore is the best, love my eyelashes!” -Groupon Recommendation

Dr. Aurore is proud to announce the introduction of a new sensitive glue to her natural, quality-mink and silk eyelash extension lines.  This is a considerable step forward for those in the natural health community that want to enjoy long, lush care-free lashes without exposing themselves to harmful carcinogens and fumes.  “I do carry a stronger glue, for those that prefer it. The new sensitive glue is long lasting and flexible and it also works well as a mix to find an individuals personal preference.  I use the sensitive glue myself and enjoy my lashes for up to three weeks. The sensitive glue is much more expensive but I believe the benefits to be priceless, ” says Dr. Aurore.

Mink and silk lashes are a high-quality natural choice to the heavy cheap synthetic plastic lashes offered elsewhere at the same price.  Mink/silk lashes are flexible and light-and look like real lashes.  The flexibility helps them stay on longer, as synthetics inability to “give” makes them more susceptible to fall out as the glue becomes more brittle. She  considers mink or silk lashes a necessary investment and natural choice!

She also offers economical choices for clientele that come in weekly or bi-weekly for fill-ins.  She wants to encourage eye-lash enthusiasts to keep their lashes fresh and strong.  Aurore explains why this is necessary, “I do have people come in for fill-ins every three-four weeks, but this means there is a high chance of removals and even loss of all lash extensions. Waiting too long to get your lashes filled means added fees and even a new set.  Fills that come in with no lashes, are NOT fills. Therefore, space your appointments accordingly!   However, I offer considerable deals to those that come more often-this is especially important for those that choose the sensitive glue.  I consider my clients my friends and want them to be happy, so I  pass the savings onto you!”

Dr. Aurore’s eye lash extensions come with complimentary eye firming treatment and chromatic skin therapy-your choice of relaxation, acne or anti-aging.  These treatments are over a $50 value! Now you can look younger and have more beautiful eyes.  Face-lift facial and waxing clientele who are on a six week rotation get special lash pricing!  Expect to spend up to between 1 to 2.5 hours for your first visit. Subsequent visits can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes, depending on space between visits.

Prices are as follows but feel free to contact her for individual assessments and pricing:

NOTE: If you do not have very many base lashes and they are short and sparse, keep in mind 30 lashes will look not as full*********** Dr. Aurore advises you to upgrade to couture to get a full and desirable effect.

Basic mink (up to 30-40 lashes per eye) with eye firming and chromatic treatment 1 hr: $125                                         

Go Glam Couture mink  (50-75) lashes per eye) with eye firming & chromatic treatment 1.5 hrs: $150

Glam Ultimate (75-100 lashes per eye) with eye firming & chromatic treatment 2 hrs: $175

Keep in mind, the less lashes you have-the longer it takes to build up the base, 9 mm need to be filled before longer lashes can be attached.  75 on one person may not look the same as another person with 75.

On-site Wedding or party: within 50 mile radius – $100 each for two or more and travelling fee of $50 for up to 25 miles, $75 for up to 50 miles, + 50 $150 miles  (only $50 if purchased with organic make-up application as a lash addition-contact for details)

Fill-ins are priced individually depending on spacing between appointments and whether the basic or couture was purchased.  Start at $10- $60 +

Fill in prices are based per hour, $30 per half hour – if it takes an hour and a half to fill you will pay $90, $120 for 2 hours-etc. Dr. Aurore is NOT responsible for the treatment of your lashes once you leave the spa. If you have no lashes on your eyes, this will require a complete new set of lashes. This happens when you space your lash appointments too far apart.

Tinting: For clients who have blonde lashes or very light lashes, this takes 10 minutes and is a $10 up charge, an organic semi-permanent dye is used.

Removing: Waited too long in-between or just wanting them off? $10 for first half hour, $5 there after.

Be sure to let Dr. Aurore know at the time of the appointment whether tinting, removal, or couture upgrade will be used so that enough time can be allowed.

Which Lashes are Right for You?:

Lash placement and amount depends on the type of lashes one has. My job is to adjust
the lashes accordingly to the eye type so that one can achieve long, full lashes with a natural
look. For those wanting couture lashes, you will be evaluated at the first appointment to see if the couture option
is right for you.  Keep in mind the lash effect is HIGHLY individual.
Care for Your Lashes:
No water on eyes for 24 hours in order for glue to cure.  No oil, cleanser or make-up on or around glue. Care must be exercised when removing eye make-up, use a down and then up stroke-off of the eye. Use a silk or satin pillow case. No pulling on lashes!
*Dr. Aurore is not responsible for lashes once client leaves office, care is taken to make sure lashes are adequately secured with no loosening or ridges at the time of visit-all eyelash concerns must be addressed at service time of or a fill in fee will be charged accordingly. Make sure your lashes feel right to you before you leave, Dr. Aurore will take time explaining the process and adjusting them to your comfort and liking after the application is over.  Expect to lose about 5 lashes per week.
**Cancellation policy for AHWS is as follows: 24 hour notice or be charged a fee of $25 or a price of the entire missed service for no call/no show**
Read more on Dr. Aurore’s lashes here: Eye lift Lash extensions-healthy lashes!


Contact Dr. Aurore for an appointment today!


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