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Work with a professional, that knows health, not just products! 


Expensive and gimmicky MLMs and trendy “natural” health detoxes don’t give you the individual attention and quality YOU deserve.


Thousands of people like yourself have already been helped by Aurore-Veda, an authentic and proven “Health-Style” program that does what it says and not just stresses your wallet and your body with sub-quality supplements, diuretics and laxatives like so many store bought detoxes do.

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The AURORE-VEDIC Detox is NOT A CLEANSE, it’s a……



  • An advanced & individualized BODY MIND HEALTH SYSTEM based on scientific results, years of research, case studies and experience.

  •  BREAKTHROUGH health discovery: founded by combining ancient Eastern and Western health philosophies with ORGONOMY.

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Aurore Henze, is the only naturopath to offer this EXCLUSIVE program…..


“I was suffering from M.S. and a lot of chronic health problems, Dr. Aurore’s Aurore-vedic program got my health back on track and I even lost 40 lbs the first 6 weeks!” Tamara Mathers of Troy, MI (read more about Tamara’s story here)
GIFT for YOU!  Dr. Aurore has compiled hundreds of case studies, recipes and health information- for both you and your pets,  free on this site, please use the search box to find help/health today!

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Dr. Aurore is the Author of the “Beyond Natural Cures” Book series

Did you know that Dr. Aurore is the author of 6 books on body mind natural health?  Check out her books to find out more about her amazing and revolutionary body/mind secrets.

 “Dr. Aurore reminds us that outer radiance is a result of a balanced inner life. She shares a jewel of a remedy that is spiritual, sensual, sensible, and sincere in caring for, and owning, our own health.” -Rick Tan, MD

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