Welcome to my new website!

Aurore Adamkiewicz, NHDThanks for meeting me here, I have outgrown the old website and because of so much interest and some collaborative efforts with some other healthcare professionals- I have decided to launch this as an on-line magazine! This site will be filled with cutting edge information from a body/mind Reichian perspective that focuses on ayurveda, color therapy, herbalism, homeopathy, anthroposophy and attachment. Yes, thats it, attachment, not to lifeless objects and things but to things that truly matter like human life itself. This is not the zen type escapism mentality of times past, but a body/mind psychology that attaches us to the here and now and to each other for health and healing. I look forward to sharing with you all of my research and studies and introducing you to some new friends in the field of natural health & orgonomy!
Stay in touch,

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