Psoriasis Case Study

A Case Study: Psoriasis on the face

8 year old girl presenting severe scaling, peeling and redness on her chin area. Was diagnosed as psoriasis by medical doctors. I was able to trace the emotional ties of the rash to loneliness at school and a longing to be home with her mother. Physically, I utilized color therapy, constitutional homeopathy, magnetic acupuncture and a gentle ayurvedic detox. I also included some anthroposophical protocols.Within 6-8 treatments the results were dramatic. Picture at left shows residual scarring after one month of treatment. I encouraged the mother to keep up on helping her daughter release her emotions physically and to use a color therapy light at home to heal the scar. Mother was extremely cooperative and committed to healing her child.

Details on healing chronic skin diseases can be found in my books “Beyond Natural Cures’ and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss.”

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