The AMHC Music & Foreign Language Program: Something for Everyone

Music and Foreign Language Program
Music/sound therapy meets Foreign Language in an enjoyable pentatonic scale, perfect for autistic or intellectually challenged children as the cymatic color chart and solfeggio chart makes it easy to use and simple for everyone! Available at

 So, what about Health and music/sound therapy? As a Naturopath, I have researched the health benefits of music, language, color, and sound and have faithfully used it with my own family and practice for the last ten years. I have created a revolutionary different and amazingly effective music and sound therapy program that encompasses all of the fore mentioned arts. The children are learning basic musical principals through the healing aspects of color, sound and language all at the same time.In terms of music as a form of therapy and lessons, I encourage parents that they can unequivocally have both. There are, of course, lots of classes to expose your child to.  However, the most important and overlooked aspect of early music learning is the exposure of pure tones. This is where sound therapy comes in and applying pure tones to the body to balance and bring wellness as in Jean Beaulieu’s research on the Pythagorean scale and the interesting work of composer John Cage.

My music therapy program the AMHC strives to bring sound and color therapy together in a harmonious and fluid intellectual transition.The colors applied to my song books are not applied half-hazardly for visual appeal but are based on scientific research of color and sound as prescribed by the late Dr. Darius Dinshah and his book, Let there be Light.  For more general information on color and sound, you can also purchase my book, Beyond Natural Cures where I outline color and sound therapy, its usage and benefits in terms of creating balance and health. Because color and sound are such and important and strong foundation of the therapies I employ for naturopathy, I spend a tremendous amount of time educating and teaching others about the uses and benefits of color and sound therapies.

In a time of economic uncertainty, color and sound are powerfully effective and economically advantageous means of treatment. With color and sound therapy, the dependence and addiction to expensive herbal supplements and vitamins are thankfully avoided.  This program is based on anthroposophy (Waldorf education) and scientific cymatic color/sound therapy principles.

About the Program:

The AMHC Phase I is the first in a series of three programs. It contains charming folk songs in French, German, and Spanish led by children; indeed, the songbook itself was designed and created with the help of children. Created in a pentatonic octave, there is no annoying dissonance. This means that children are introduced to sound and music foundation with great confidence and compositional abilities. The lesson planner is filled with ideas and lessons for children of all ages and adults. The DVD that comes with the program isn’t meant for children to sit and watch over and over although they will want to but as a means to inspire and help with pronunciation. Along with a translation guide and a pronunciation guide in the song book, you have a complete educational program which is delightfully simple and easy to comprehend. The information that has been brought together is vitally important and refreshingly different.I encourage anyone interested in early childhood education to thoughtfully consider using temperance and careful evaluation, even considering health and psychology, when forming goals and expectations for their child.

I leave you with a quote to inspire you on your journey from the founder of Waldorf schools, Rudolf Steiner,

“Receive children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom”

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