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Organic Herbs for Skincare, From Dr. Aurore’s Garden!

Skin care should be natural and as individual as you are! Dr. Aurore’s skin care products are meticulously handmade and individualized for your specific constitution.  Whether you have sensitive, rosaeic, or mature- you deserve to have quality ingredients made with care and expertise.  Dr. Aurore, as a skin care expert, esthetician and doctor of natural health-can make your skin shine from the inside out.  By utilizing her knowledge in ayurveda, anthroposophical medicine,and  western herbalism-she has created skin care and medicinal elixirs that are unique and effective.  Want your own recipes and do it yourself?..Don’t forget Dr. Aurore’s Skincare and weight loss book!   over 21 pages of recipes!

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Author of the Beyond Natural Cures book series, Investigative Health Journalist and Host of the Health Star Show. Naturopath, specializing: in ayurveda, anthroposophy and body mind psycho-therapy. Subscribe to the Beyond Natural Cures channel on youtube and join me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under: Health Star Media, Breast Health and Wellness and Medical Human Rights Association.

1 comment on “Organic Herbs for Skincare, From Dr. Aurore’s Garden!

  1. I have suffered from acne for years as an adult! My skin never looks better than when I follow your skin care advise!
    Thank you,
    Anne Marie


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