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Whole Fruit Popsicles: Ayurvedic Style!

Ok, if you are like me you are getting sick of these amazing whole fruit popsicles popping up on Facebook and Twitter- sure they are beautiful to look at and arguably more healthy, but my kids didn’t like the chunks! Most children are texture sensitive and the fun of a popsicle (something I recently discovered) is enjoying the melt in your mouth, juicy, burst of cool flavor. Having to chew through large pieces of frozen fruit- is just not kid alot of kids and especially those you suffer from sensitive teeth. You probably figured out I am offering my own ayurvedic spin on this healthy treat.

First of all, kaphas and vatas (water and air constitutions) are supposed to avoid cold things. This becomes debatable in the summer as the pitta/fire weather sometimes calls for a cool down to even the most coldest kaphas and vatas! In the spirit of that- and to make it simple- I made one cup of rose, tulsi and mint teas (you got it, the same ones from my ayurvedic mojitos!) for the pitta popsicles and another cup of rooibos and ginger tea for the kapha/vatas. The simple part is that I just used tea bags, as normally I would use the herbs themselves. A highly nutritious edition would be to add a handful of nettles but these do Not need to be cooked, but infused.*

Another important part of popsicle making is using a Vitamix. Look at my popsicle picture- one on the left is from a regular blender and the one on the right is from the vitamix…see the difference. The vitamix is so powerful it can masticate whole pieces of fruits and mix the oh, so sticky honey- together- creating a smooth and delightful popsicle experience!

So, here is my recipe for your loved ones! Enjoy the simplicity, the immunity and the deliciousness that these summer treats provide!  Keep in mind they are low in calories and high in health, stimulate your metabolism and lose weight while loving your life!

(Warning: This is not a totally healthy treat, as sadly, I had to put these popsicles in plastic molds- I took care to make sure that the juice was not warm.  My children are exposed to plastic minimally, as we are Waldorfers- however, I would love to know if there is a thermo-glass alternative! Drop me a line and let me know!)

Behold, the fruit! No food coloring, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup or pesticides-choose organic, always!

Organic Healthy Ayurvedic Frozen Popsicles:

Golden Pitta Popsicles

16 ounces of water simmered and cooled with one bag of Organic India Rose/Tulsi tea and a teabag of peppermint

1-2 tablespoons of local Raw Honey

1/4  cup honey dew melon

1/4 cup kiwi

1/2 lemon

To make:
Add all ingredients to the Vitamix and turn on to high! In ten seconds you are ready to pour the ingredients into popsicle molds. Freeze and give to your favorite pitta person..will cool them down with mint and open their heart with rose : )

Red Kapha/Vata Berry

16 ounces of water simmered and cooled with one bag of Organic Rooibos and one tea bag of ginger

1-2 tablespoons of local Raw Honey

1/4 cup strawberries and blueberries

1/4 cup kiwi

1/2 lemon

To make:
Add all ingredients to the Vitamix and turn on to high! In ten seconds you are ready to pour the ingredients into popsicle molds. Freeze and give to your favorite kapha or vata- will warm them up and get them moving..even in the heat!  : )

 * You can add an infusion of nettles to either tea- simple let sit in the tea mixture, over night and strain!  Lots of vitamins and minerals!

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2 comments on “Whole Fruit Popsicles: Ayurvedic Style!

  1. You can use small freezer resistant mason jars to make popsicles. You can make a hole in the lid for the stick, or just put the stick in once the juice has frozen up a little bit. There is a stainless steel popsicle mold make by Onyx on Amazon.


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