Product Recommendations by Dr. Aurore

For those that have been to my natural health clinic and spa know that I am not a pill pusher and sell very little products. I used to have a policy that I would carry no products but I found that many clients appreciated the convenience and savings.  I really on herbs, western and ayurvedic, when I am doing extended detoxing. Though, initially I start clients on a specific ayurvedic fast-this is subsequently followed by a two to four month herbal-organ specific- rejuvenation program. This includes: color, sound, homeopathics, magnetic acupuncture and herbs. I try to sway people away from the idea that drinking store bought cleanse programs are cleansing.  Let it be known, that there is no better or economical form of cleansing your body than fasting. The herbal recommendations therefore are seen as rejuvenating.  Of course, for heavy metal poisoning-like so many of us have there is only a few ways to do it properly and I have not found any research to show that fasting eliminates heavy metals.  In office, I rely on my infra-red sauna, chlorella and homeopathics for this.

As you can see, detoxing is a serious matter and should be taken on very reverently and carefully.  If you would like more specific information on this please read my books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss.”  In this article I would like to present to you my favorite products, these are products I have used for years and I trust.  I typically get two or three emails a week asking about product recommendations, I have shyed away from doing so because I didn’t want people purchasing a bunch of products without being under the supervision of a qualified naturopath-if they have ineffective or bad results, it would be a reflection on me. So, despite this admonition,  I am listening to my Body Mind Ayurveda friends and am providing you with some names and links of my favorite brands.

Greenpath Chlorella: High quality, organic chlorella, NOT from radiated Japan!

Banyan Botanicals:  High quality, organic ayurvedic herbs and spices

Ecco Bella: An organic, economical cosmetic and skincare company

Mineral Fusion: A great organic cosmetic line that has a new nail polish….

Biotic Research Labs: Quality enzymes and supplements

Wellness Resources: Quality supplements (recommended in my book)

Style Essentials Mineral Make-up: My personal friend Lisa, has a great custom blended mineral line, I love it! See my video on my skincare page

You might be surprised the  beloved Chiropractor favorite  Standard Process is missing– though I am not a vegetarian- I do believe in consuming only organic grass fed beef from trusted sources. Standard Process-are a “meat based” glandular line that has very sketchy testing and information regarding the meat they use. Because I believe spongiform encephilopathy or Mad Cow is a huge problem in the United States-and also a big cover up, I refuse to recommend this brand.  Standard Process, ironically means just that, the process of meat- as standard in the USA, NO THANKS!

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