Ayurvedic Home-Made Skin Care

Behold Dr. Aurore’s signature ruby skin elixer! She makes it herself- and you can too!

In my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” I provide-21 pages of recipes. Some of these are food recipes but others are simple skin care recipes.  Growing up I wanted to be a chemist- I loved mixing potions and making special foods for my parents in the kitchen.  Now, I have funneled that love into my garden and developing effective skin care recipes. When I was a nurse-I was disgusted by the money making ploys of the “free-market” pharmaceutical companies- as an esthetician- I became equally disgusted with the lack of quality in even the most expensive brands.

Even what the organic companies offered were a let down, because though many of them were better in quality, the price was not accessible for the millions of people that need it and deserve it!  This is why I teach people to make some of their own products.  It gives you that garage sale feeling, like your cheating Uncle Sam. Well, if you are like me, you cannot garage sale because you find plastic clothing and gadgets useless…however, you can redeem that love by making some quality elixers and skin care products for the ones you love!

Here are some of the idea’s and recipes you can find in the book!

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