Another Celebrity Health Loser: Jenny McCarthy

A revealing picture of Jenny pregnant with her autistic son..WHO’S LAUGHING NOW JENNY????

As a follow up to my breast implants = autism, auto-immune disease and death article on Toni Braxton.  It seemed only natural to include the very “funny” “sexy” Jenny McCarthy.  Yes, in fact, she is doing Playboy, yet again- she can do it all:  pose naked, write books, pose naked and be a mother…in that order.  I mentioned her in the other article but I felt the need to elaborate on celebrities that make poor mother role models.  While many people applaud Jenny on her efforts for being a staunch activist for autism (and I as well applaud her work), it continues to disappoint me that she, herself has never come forward and taken responsibility for her son’s autism-blaming it wholly on others: doctors, vaccines, etc.  I agree that all of these things contribute to autism-but when it is all said and done, and we look at the core,-the very essence of constitution and where illness comes from what we are inevitably left with is the mother’s influence and attachment to the child.

Does that upset you to think a mother might have some type of involvement with her childs illness?  I realize women have fought for years to dispel the “myth” of the refrigerator mom stereo-type that caused so much shame and humiliation-and though the methods were wrong, much of that research was right and was proven by doctors’ Wilhelm Reich and John Bowlby. Though this emotional disease of mother/child non-attachment is prevalent, everywhere in modern-industrialized mothers (even those that breastfeed), we must realize that pointing out the obvious and then blaming and shaming fails to get results and lasting change. More than that it makes things worse.  I know when my own son was autistic there was a wall around me and a sensitivity to others-such as in-laws blaming me.  In the end, he was only healed when I backed away from-everything-and realized that I really had to take responsibility and heal him..and that is what I did.

Back to Jenny

Jenny returns to her porn roots- while her son waits autistically on the side lines……(photo courtesy of Playboy)

So, why am I so hard on Jenny, I mean after all-she is an activist and is so funny and sexy???  Well, I like to be sexy too-and I like to joke-but there is nothing funny about motherhood. Nope, nada.  Motherhood is a sacred passage of life and no job or mission could be greater or more important. This is why when her book “Belly Laughs” came out, I saw it as an omen. Not in a mystical sense but reading over the pages at a friend’s house made me not laugh but very sad. I thought, “what a piece of literary garbage, this woman trashes pregnancy and birth and insults the most sacred and profound journey on earth- birth.”  I knew with all of her sarcasm, complaining and encouragement of drugs and c-section that this woman was going to have problems with her child.  Was I psychic?-No, I had already been studying attachment for several years and had home-births and a hospital birth to compare with. I had walked my path and I knew the responsibility and love that it takes to bring a healthy child into the world..quite simply because I had recognized, accepted and took responsibility of my own birth and contributions to my first childs autism.

I am not talking about judgement and shame- but on educational and emotional awareness. For those afraid of confrontation, then maybe it feels like judgement but keep in mind, people lying to each other and putting on a happy face is not going to stop this autism epidemic. In fact, it is people like Jenny McCarthy, that work so hard in one area and block out the truth in other areas-the most important areas- is what helps this disorder proliferate.

The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

The name of Jenny’s book makes you believe you are getting “the real deal” -well, what is the real deal?  Does a woman that cuts open her mammory glands and stuffs them full of poison and plastic for the sake of Porn and money understand the “reality” of pregnancy?  Does someone who also brags about drugging her baby, ultrasounds and c-section-give the naked truth about childbirth?  Yes, Jenny brought life into the world but the cost is so much higher than a playboy deal for showing airbrushed “boobies”- the cost is so high, in fact you cannot put a price on human life. This is why her book, while it is a best seller for those looking for the “truth,” is not a funny pregnancy book at all but a daunting lifeless biographical revelation of just how far modern-society has gone away from nature, birth and life itself.

a picture of a black moldy implant removed from the human body-is it hard to believe that these deadly devices could make a child sick? (photo from Glamour Magazine cover)

I have said this before, but I would like to see Jenny give the naked truth about her implants- about how they are filled with poison plastic and covered in black mold, deadly bacteria and lethal viruses. How those implants contributed to her child’s autism and how the implant companies cover it up.  I would like for her to come forward and use her book as a stepping stone for recovery and getting honest-and truly start healing her son. The public always benefits as well, as she owes her fans an apology as well for leading so many on a path of illness and non-attachment. We might be waiting a long time for Jenny-but until then, read my book Beyond Natural Cures” only $1 at amazon kindle. In it I tell my own personal heart-wrenching story of how I healed my son’s autism with attachment, love and health! For more information, check my article on implants and Toni Braxton, another implanted celebrity with an autistic child and a myriad of health issues.  You can also find more out about how to have beautiful natural breasts in my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” and on my facebook page Natural Breasts Save Lives

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