Non-Circumcision Triumphs: The KEY to Male Health

A disgusting religious ritual of cutting off the baby’s penis and then sucking it- if this isn’t torture and rape- I don’t know what is!
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Though the multi-million dollar, child hating drug and medical doctor corporations tout the health benefits of slicing off the most sensitive and important organ on the male body.  It has been long proven that infant circumcision causes mental and emotional disorders throughout the entire life of the victim-tantamount to post-traumatic stress syndrome and feelings of being raped and brutalized..before even being able to speak.  Wilhelm Reich proved this and even in the late 1800s one of the founders of the modern naturopathic movement Henry Lindlahr (author of the landmark book “The Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics“) spoke of the obvious latent mental development and health disorders caused by cutting the much needed and important foreskin.  Protecting our infant child’s foreskin is a main staple of attachment parenting. So whats new?

Alot!  There has been an amazing global breakthrough regarding infant circumcision globally.  In a U.S Navy study on circumcision it was concluded that it does not protect against STDs and HIV virus-as it has been erroneously propagandized. Secondly, and this is a biggie, Germany has made an outstanding and brave stance in out-lawing circumcision in the matter of religion! (Germany outlaws religious circumcision).  These are some incredible advances in childhood protection and attachment. 

Just as you can lead….

Born in love, Dr. Aurore’s home birth with her third child “They instantly love and trust us- we must protect that and them-at all costs” -Dr. Aurore

 a horse to water and not make them drink, I believe that even though the state is recognizing the importance of protecting children and foreskin-this will not change the mindset of religious people who view the foreskin as vile. It will not take away the idea that was ingrained in them for thousands of years that there is a blood thirsty god out there that is only satisfied by the pain and bloody foreskins of male (and female) babies. Obviously, these people have mental problems and this law will not cause them to magically love and attach to their babies-however, it is at least refreshing to see that there is some effort out there to educate people and turn the tide in child abuse.

I will never forget the time my friend’s son’s penis was accidently sliced off (the entire tip) during a routine hospital circumcision. I tried to educate her and encourage her not to do it, but her Muslim husband would not hear of it.  With our babies only being a few weeks apart- I remember the horrified look her husband had on his face when I changed my baby’s diaper and he saw a lively intact penis. This was, ironically, only hours after their own child had been “sacrificed” and they did not yet know that he had been mamed-for the rest of his life.

The story of what the baby endured for the first year of his life is so heart-wrenching, I dare not tell it. But in the end, the parents concluded that they were thankful that something like that had happened to his penis and not to his heart-which would have been fatal.  I beg to differ- it was fatal- a child dies and shrinks inside of itself upon experiencing that type of pain and emotional abandonnment from their mother.

Moral of the story:

Love your baby!! and if you can’t then-heal yourself, orgonomically- and FIND OUT WHY : )

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