Dr. Aurore’s Meet Michigan Organic Food Tour: Lansing

Its been a very hot summer here in Michigan, in search of great organic food, we decided to head out to Michigan’s capital and find out what is available there.  We found everything we needed in East Lansing.  At first, I was surprised and disappointed that there was no Whole Foods-but my disappointment turned into joy when I discovered an organic super market called “Foods for Living.”  It even has capital pillars in the front. Better than Whole Foods they had many things to choose from, great make-up lines and wonderful quality color therapy water jugs!!  I bought the lime and use it all day at work- sipping from it after it has sat in the sun for a few hours.  A short stroll down the street led us to the ELFCO or East Lansing food co-op. There we treated ourselves to butterscotch beer-so tasty, we drove out for more the following weekend!  Directly next door to the co-op is a public garden filled with organic veggies and fruits- a true alternative community here.  It reminded me of a little piece of Ann Arbor and the West Coast.  Definitely a different feel there.  Both stores had lovely and helpful- warm- employees.  To end the day we stop at the Triple Goddess Book Store in Okemos. This reminds me of the Women and Women First bookstore in the show Portlandia!  We had a great time there picking out skull rings for my son and a moon necklace for my daughter. I look forward to heading out again- I am already missing it!

Enjoy our video and pictures below!

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