Gasp! 45,000 Die from Being Uninsured but 280,000 Die from Pharmaceuticals- You Do the Math!!

Dr. Aurore worked as a nurse in pediatrics and hematology and oncology. She left nursing school to become a naturopath doctor and write six books on natural health- awakening, with Reichian psychology.

So, You may have seen the new “health care” research on Reuters about the staggering statics of people who die from not having insurance and what they all deem “good health care” (Heavey, 2009). I propose the question: What is “good health care”? When there are 45,000 die from lack of insurance and 280,000 die annually from pharmaceutical drug use (and those are the ones reported and not hidden as was the standard practice when I worked in Pediatrics and Oncology)…I am still looking for the good. While I wouldn’t argue that people who have exacerbated forms of disease such as diabetes Type II, where the pancreas is “dead” need to have access to necessary meds. My primary issue is with the fact that nobody with any type of political or media clout seems to care that the Health care system that we have, whether it is regulated by the state or big business- is KILLING people with their chemicals such as SSRIs, Vaccines, anti-biotics, etc….we need a health care change-certainly, but the change we need is likened to the change that Napoleon brought to France when he toppled the Holy Roman Empires grip on the country and in Europe.

 My diabetic uncle died a few years ago from kidney failure after being given massive doses of intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics to kill an infection in the wound of his leg. I had predicted this would happen in the spring of this year when my sister who took care of my uncle explained his condition-I said “A diabetic is already suffering from weak kidneys-those type of anti-biotics will destroy his kidneys.” Well,  his medical doctor decided to keep him on them for the entire spring and summer. I was told at the funeral that the doctor in the emergency room, who was trying to schedule a leg amputation for him and kidney dialysis, said “He should have never been on this strong of an antibiotic this long-we need to stop it immediately.”

This is just one story that is not going to be added to the already high number of 280,000 who died from pharmaceuticals, this is my uncle, this is my family and sad to say, even with my own parents- I see this “health care” which is really “drug care” snatching their lives away.

 One could say it is his fault, but whose fault is it really, when we are raised to believe that American health care and medicine is the best in the world and that the medical doctors are worshipped as “Gods.”

 Truly we are reduced to nothing more than a sacrifice….

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 Heavey, S. (2009). Study links 45,000 deaths to lack of insurance. Reuters/ Yahoo News, Retrieved from


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