How Anthroposophy Increases Brain Function and Even Heals Brain Damage

Dr. Aurore in the Motor City

Healing brain damage and damage from ischemic or hemorraghic strokes- is indeed possible. This is a multi-layed approach and can very well take six months or more but is well worth the investment of time and lifestyle change.  Are you surprised I did not include money?  Well, as you know I do not believe that healing comes at a high financial price-but simply the investment in change of body and mind-though financial investment maybe necessary- it should not be insurmountable.

Healing the Brain

There are several different therapies I use for brain health they are chroma-therapy or color therapy, dietary recommendations and anthroposophic art forms as a type of remedy.  With color therapy, one can expect daily treatments-rebuilding the brain by switching from chronic colors to acute stimulating colors.  This does take a while-three months in office and up to a year at home but this is well worth it.

Dietary recommendations consist of filling the body up with essential fatty acids, of course according to dosha-but rich acids like coconut oil, DHA, fish oil and those which exist in raw milk are indeed essential!  In this case the Weston-Price diet is appropriate and beneficial.  Many of us are suffering from decreased or diminished fatty acids.  Yet, it is precisely these acids which heal and feed the brain.

Anthroposophic remedial education- such as form drawing with the entire body and eurythmy are a great way to re-introduce right and left brain cognitive function.  Forcing the neurons to build in the corpus callosum- using right and left hand, foot and body exercises are a primal way of rebuilding brain and critical thinking and when I say primal, I mean- it effects the brain like music does but is primal in the sense that it comes before music. In fact, in office,  I utilize tuning forks in the Pythagorean scale on the body and also in the right and left ear to also stimulate primal brain impulses. Classical music can be also used- but the focus needs to be on simple tones and exercises. 

Other recommendations are therapies like Brain Gym or Ball A Vis-X-which also help to rebuild neurons in the brain.

For more information read Dr. Aurore’s books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss

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