Milk, Feel the Love

When you read my skincare and weightloss book-you quickly realize that raw milk is an essential part of healthy skin-on the inside and out.  Many of my vegan friends share the idea that human animals are the only species that continues to drink milk into adulthood.  This is a fact (except for cats!) however, I personally see my skin stay full, youthful and radiant when I drink raw milk.  Is that a coincidence?  No, the essential fatty acids in raw milk feed my brain and skin-and keeps me curvy and not straight and emmaciated!  Its not just raw milk that I love but coconut milk and oil (although I have to be careful as I am a kapha), butter, ghee, kefir, home-made yogurt and raw milk cheeses.  I find that these foods are rich and it is very important to balance them out with lots of vegetables and fruit….however, I keep the golden rule of not combining my dairy with meals.  Last week I was visiting my cow Tikvah at a local organic dairy farm and it occured to me-that these gentle creatures are very much life giving and sustaining animals of light!!  For more information visit : )  and don’t forget my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” complete with 21 pages of recipes!

Dr. Aurore with Tikvah and her friends : )

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