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LOSE WEIGHT, All Winter Long- Dr. Aurore’s Detox

Dr. Aurore loves her curvy shape, she maintains her healthy weight by using her own unique ayurvedic equinox detoxing…..
Its that time of year- the fall equinox ayurvedic detox. How do you know you need one? Seasons change, fall allergies from ama/ or toxin build up. Many people pack on extra weight, get sick and become lethargic in the winter. Sure, the trend is to blame vitamin D, but food incompatability and dosha imbalance is primary. For more information you can read both of my books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” and/or sign up through my site here for individualized help. My individualized ayurvedic detox is only $50 (web pricing only). So if you want to look great and feel great all winter long- contact me below to get started on a healthy, stronger new you!

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Author of the Beyond Natural Cures book series, Investigative Health Journalist and Host of the Health Star Show. Naturopath, specializing: in ayurveda, anthroposophy and body mind psycho-therapy. Subscribe to the Beyond Natural Cures channel on youtube and join me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under: Health Star Media, Breast Health and Wellness and Medical Human Rights Association.

1 comment on “LOSE WEIGHT, All Winter Long- Dr. Aurore’s Detox

  1. I am received the best detox information from Dr. Aurore. Easy to follow and life changing!


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