Breast Size= Change Your Mind, Change Your Breasts-NATURALLY

Thousands of women are starting groups on Facebook in order to voice their concerns and log their side effects from breast implants, this is because…

….their plastic surgeons ignore their cries for help and insist their implants are 100% safe, even though they know something is wrong.

  • Side-effects from breast implants   range from rashes, pain, infertility,autoimmune disorders, and even cancer.  
  • The FDA is quietly revisiting it’s case against silicone implants, which by the way, every implant is covered in. In fact, over 40 different cancer causing chemicals are found in the Shell alone.

Good News Ladies & Gents!

Natural is In!

Yes, I said it, we women are fighting back and reclaiming our health from the plastic surgeons and pharma companies that make money off of our insecurity and illness. So, let’s talk about the Breast chapter in my book and how to increase the breast size naturally!

Breast size and shape are directly proportional to not just our lifestyle but also our emotional body. 

  • Genetics play a lesser role than you think, while shoe size, hair color and even height have strong genetic pull, breasts continue to surprise us. Think about families that you know, including your own, it is not unusual to have a mother with overly “expanded” breasts and a daughter with smaller overly contracted breasts.

Even a family of sisters can vary in size tremendously. I will argue, orgonomically, that in terms of breast cancer-that trend does appear to be genetic only because the inherited trait of holding emotion and armoring in the chest is learned from early childhood…not necessarily, genetic but that is another article.

Back to size… traumatic pubescent events and endocrine disruptive behavior such as exposure to soy, plastics, pharmaceuticals in the water supply, hormones in meat and dairy-and not to mention the hormone health of the mother at birth such as being exposed to artificial hormones in birth control all effect breast development.

Then psychological aspects need to be explored such as: sexual shaming, sexual rejection and chest segment armoring are also strong factors in determining breast size. Indeed, my second edition book of “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss” with its chapter on breasts has really opened people’s minds to the possibility of naturally changing their breast size. I’m not talking simple, body hatred, which runs rampant in our western culture, especially the States- but I am talking about women who are disproportioned- dramatically- too small and emaciated or too large and overwhelming. 

Disproportioned body parts are a very real phenomena in our culture and as I have mentioned in my book- how and where we hold our fat is strongly determined by our emotional body and armoring in different segments of the body.

Your breasts may not be as small and undesirable as you think! The picture on the far left is Marilyn Monroe’s natural breast-one of the sexiest women in the world! Look how over the years the porn industry and the for-profit breast implant /plastic surgery industry have distorted our breasts and made them expensive, painful, poison plastic appendages!

When researching natural breast expansion therapies I found an effective hypnosis program that got very good reviews. I am strongly against hypnosis, but the company kindly sent me a sample to review. 

I was very surprised to see the hypnosis worked by bringing you back to puberty, psychologically- and opening your chest and consciously pushing your breasts out of the body. This seemed to correspond exactly with my own breast theories which are derived from Dr. Reich’s research. I have already harped on diet enough and have even included in my book sixteen pages of diet recommendations for healthy glowing skin and plump breasts! But let’s explore the orgonomic aspects a bit more…


Depending on our character structure development in early childhood as a result of parenting (neurotic parenting), our breasts in puberty follow suit. 

This means, a child that feels it has to give and give from its chest segment and is perhaps armored and blocked in other segments might overly develop fat in the chest segment to 

1) absorb excess emotion and repressed rage and 

2) to give maternally at an early age, for example a girl who’s mother has abandoned her and she is forced to become a mother to her brothers and sisters.

These emotional aspects influence breast development. For the contracted breast and even emaciated underdeveloped chest segment as in a pear shape- the chest doesn’t develop or grow because it is so locked down and constricted that the energy is absorbed elsewhere because of blocking. 

An interesting note to this in some Eastern European cultures, that are known to have women that have wide hips and thicker legs but thin arms and weak upper bodies, or upper bodies that are disproportional to the bottom. This is a cultural blocking, inherited through early childhood, holding all the rage and strength in the pelvis and legs, the upper body is completely blocked to the energy-which is completely absorbed in the lower body.

Developing the top with muscle training, is not enough, in fact it is grossly ineffective in terms of solving the bigger problem with is essentially an emotional disease. If you think about the actual scientific aspects of working out, the hardened and already contracted muscle would be worked on to harden and contract even more, this is NOT expansive and will not produce desired fact it will eventually make it worse.  Breasts are fat and need fat, changing the elasticity in the skin to reduce sagging is something different and is also something I address in my book and in my office.

The thoracic-heart/chest segment has to be open in order for us to express “big” emotions and orgonomically, just as in TCM-the lungs are the house of fear. In fact, a feeling of fear or a look or fear can cause one to gasp for air and even hold their breath. These are breathholding fear patterns that are developed from earlier in life. 

  • Armoring in this segment has effects that span beyond just breast size; cancer, heart and lung disease and even bronchitis and asthma are apart of this cycle of fear, suppressed anger and “heartbreak.”
This is a recent picture of me, I am over 40 and have nursed three children! I have seen my breasts change over the years from barely an A cup after nursing to an E!  We must look at ourselves as women, that transform and change- Nothing stays the same!

Real therapy in this area involves diet change, yes, and I have helped women including myself to regain these fat stores in the breast tissue but also deep releasing therapy that only orgonomy/emotional release can give… such as my own story of increasing my chest size two inches within one week of orgonomy treatment. Many things need to occur such as a deep sobbing that lets go and releases the chest segment, anger release through the arms as in punching and even a therapeutic tickling to release the ribs and intercostals. Facing fears of early childhood-most of which are pre-verbal and again releasing pubescent trauma which can be very close to the surface.

Sex shame, rape, unwanted pregnancy and confusion are all issues that unite women, this is a primary aspect of getting well-healthy-and increasing breast size.

Read my books to find out more about how to heal the emotional body!

If you would like to know more- buy the books and don’t forget to fan my Breast Health & Wellness Page and Dr. Aurore’s Health & Wellness Page on Facebook. As always, I am available for personal consultation and can be reached through my contact form below and remember, the most important part of your breast journey should be about HEALTH!  Your life is always more important!
Love,- Dr. Aurore

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