Orgasmatron and Other Urban Legends About Sex

Wilhelm Reich, like Christ, Ghandi and even Beethoven- his hardwork, research and life work-continues to be misunderstood, changed and stolen….
Since Reich’s work is featured prominently in all of my books, I thought you would enjoy a recap of Reich and my personal critique on a new book about Wilhelm Reich. Reich’s book “Character Analysis,” published 1933, brought biology and psychology together; muscular armoring, energy blocks, somatic illness and the biological nature of energy itself were later investigated and developed with Reich’s research in such works as “The Function of the Orgasm” “Cancer Biopathy” and “Beyond Psychology.” His belief in freeing up an organism to heal by releasing blocked orgone energy in the body has changed the dynamics of psychology and cold psycho-analysis forever. Freud was his teacher and mentor but he expanded on Freud’s work and even refuted some of his theories such as the death instinct.

This is why I am very upset about a book written by Christopher Turner about Wilhelm Reich, “Wilhelm Reich: The Man Who Invented Free Love.” His book is filled with pornographic fantasies and fabrications of Reich’s work and his invention called the orgone accumulator. As a student of Reich for over ten years and also having worked with and studied with Orgonomists over the years, this book makes my stomach sick. Especially, knowing that Reich is not alive to defend his work from the emotionally plagued masses that still just don’t get it.

Turner asserts that Reich’s intentions were to come to the United States and give immorality and free sex ideas to socialites, elites and politicians. The idea was to lessen the guilt on politicians so they could be free to “F–k and destroy.” Anyone who knows anything about Reich’s work and biography knows that his interests were never to schmooze with the politicians and the elitists. He would not have died in such a blatant and undignified fashion if he had such connections. After he was publically humiliated and his books burned, he mysteriously died in prison from heart failure/or more literally a broken heart mixed with whatever special food the government fed him.

Another bold and erroneous distortion that Turner makes is that Woody Allen and Reich were some how connected. That Allen’s idea of an orgasmatron a little machine that could give you orgasms quickly and easily was some how connected to Reich’s therapeutic device the Orgone Accumulator. A device that Reich invented and used to help heal the body and even cancer. Woody Allen and Reich have the fact that they are both of the male species in common, but that is about all. It is insulting to even use both of their names in the same sentence.

•Woody Allen was interested in getting off pornographically with the least possible emotional investment.

•Reich was interested in helping to free up emotional orgonotic blocks in humanity, with the greatest emotional expense and truly nothing less.

Reich made it clear that he very much hated pornography and the word f–k, the idea of mindless genital friction. Turner, completely misunderstands what Reichs work was, which isn’t surprising as people who are blocked in their eyes and heart cannot understand even the most simplist ideals. Orgone energy- is apart of the orgasm and an essential part of biology, not vice versa- it is not that the orgasm is the end all energy to heal the nations. But, it is a signal and flag. Frigidity, impotence and orgasm dysfunction are an absolute way to identify orgone blocks in the human body. This is all proven, clinical information and it was in no way applicable to such questionable and disgraceful characters such as Woody Allen and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. Reich was not researching sex, but orgone energy and how it applies to the atmosphere, character and the human body.

Reich did not believe in the western puritanical pornographic ideals regarding sex. But to make it clear he did not go too far to the left or right his idea about sex was balanced. Sex was that it was a product of love and respect not something dirty, pornographic and shaming. Orgasm was a pleasure release necessary to human health and functioning.

Turner’s book eludes to the idea that because someone goes around “f—ing” everyone means they are “free” or emotionally freed up as Reich would say. This does not mean that a person is free or freed up, neither does it mean that they have any feeling in their heart or genitals. It may mean that the person does not value human relationship and is obsessed with genitalia as a means to connect as in nymphomania, this is a stark contrast to health and healthy relationships.

Reich’s intentions were for people to return to their feelings and emotions, for people to connect and release. That pleasure anxiety as a type of neurosis could be conquered and people could live a life free of muscular armor and disease.

I hope you I have inspired you to read more about Reich! I myself have written several books about Reichs work, one in regards to skin care and weightloss, “
Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” and the another in regards to how orgone therapy healed my son of autism..called “Beyond Natural Cures.”
Its not freaky or sexy as you would imagine, but my work is actually intended to help people, educate them and to honor Reich’s work in a truthful manner.

Health & Healing,

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