Walking Abortions, Zombies & Other Pro-life Halloween Stories

Another painting by Dr. Aurore, Breastfeeding from the heart…
Zombies are a hot topic in the States right now, especially for Halloween. Shows like “The Walking Dead” are very popular. Americans love the idea of dead people walking around, people you just can’t get rid of or kill….is this in some way related to our national abortive obsessive disorder? I am talking about the unreasonable and even anti-life/choice system that humans have created here in the States. We suffer here in the States from not seeing things clearly-regarding life itself. It’s not that other countries don’t but lets face it other countries were not as lucky as the States to have inherited a country from the pleasure hating Puritans. While I discuss this in detail in my book “Beyond Natural Cures.” I have noticed several new developments concerning non-canabilistic zombies. These are humans that don’t eat people but they are not exactly living either, in fact, they hate living so much the sqwash and attack any type of feeling or change around them. They create offspring that sit and stare in front of the television, go to school, come back-and then need drugs to handle that..they live status-quo. Well, I introduce to you, the walking abortions..

Yes, you know them, they are all around us. The Mother at the family picnic who repeats the same story year after year about how she already had five children and didn’t want another one-but “God” showed her different. That child that walks around for the rest of its life-feeling like a zombie-dead inside and unwanted-because that child and mother share a secret thats been closely guarded and defended with religious rhetoric-that the mother never wanted the child and was stressed out-and even deep inside, hated that child. Emotional child neglect and a broken heart, lays the foundation for health through out life. Early education only compounds this heartless epidemic…..

The Case Study:
I recently got to watch this phenomenon of the walking abortion happen first hand over a ten year span. My children briefly went to a school about 8 years ago for Kindergarten. There was a little girl there we’ll call Becky. Becky seemed like a sweet child, but her head looked enlarged to me and her face flat- I had originally thought she was down syndrome. Before long I realized the girl was “normal” and was just shy. Later, in the school year I found out she was very sexual due to the fact she had siblings that were ten years older and she had been exposed to quite a bit. Finally, at the end of the school year, I met the mother and got an earful at a child’s party-about how she didn’t want anymore kids and thought she was done and god gave her Becky-so she had her and she was a blessing. Well, it was a great sermon, but it didn’t hold any water with me because everytime little Becky came to the Mother and tried to talk to her, cry or get attention, she was completely ignored…even shued away.

Fast forward 8 years, my children just started highschool and guess who is in their class?? Becky! Becky is a depressed lesbian that has pierced herself, cut herself and tried to commit suicide three times by the time she was 13 years old…did I mention she is on drugs? Of course, her parents medicate her instead of love her, thats a given in this culture, but now she takes illegal drugs. In class, Becky filled my daughter in with all types of stories about how awesome her older siblings but her own stories were all shocking pornographic druggie “help me, I need attention” stories. Yes, the story of the Walking Abortions- this is just one in millions, do you think anyone will care to make a series out of this, “no.” Although American’s love reality TV, they love that it presents the zombie mentality and would not want real-reality on their screens!

I am merely exposing the inconsistency with the pro-life movement- if you force yourself into pregnancy and motherhood-and blame it on god and then turn around and psychologically abuse, emotionally neglect and secretly hate your child….all the while selling the world a mystical lie that your child doesn’t believe-than you need to look at your child in the face one day- look deep into their eyes and with nothing less than tears of regret, feeling and pain-beg for their apology and admit that you have been living a lie and want to make it right! They may or may not accept your apology-but at least they will have the psychological satisfaction in knowing they were not crazy in thinking you were a hypocrite. They will be able to expose and acknowledge all of their years of repressed hatred, rejection and sadness- and mourn it with the joy of honoring the truth in their feelings and yours. Only then, can we turn back the hands of time of the American zombie apocalypse and the revenge of the walking abortions….

I am a living example of healing my own child’s autism with honesty and love which was only possible through orgonomy. I now believe every child has a birth right to be loved-and healed!

This story is dedicated to Wilhelm Reich and is written in honor of his book “Children of the Future”
Dr. Aurore’s book “Beyond Natural Cures” is available through amazon.com and lulu.com
Peace on earth begins with birth- a positive, calm homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, feeding on demand are all good beginnings to attachment and even a strong foundation of–but don’t forget to love and if you can’t love…find out how!

Look for Part II: People Who Hate Babies- Yet Have Them….

Dr.Aurore and her homebirthed son : )

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