Your GAY if you wear pink!!….Unless of Course You are Being Used as the USA Propaganda Cancer Fighting Machine

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Dr. Aurore
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Kids must wear pink at school today for breast cancer. The orgonomic naturopath doctor in me says logically- “How about having a pep rally about..cancer from vaccines, birth control pills, wi-fi, pesticides and food coloring…and then “really freak kids out and have someone breastfeed.”

Let’s look at the school day for the average pink American child cancer fighter- welcome to the school’s fluorescent lighting environment that causes cancer..the little cancer soldier will spend an average of 8 hours a day there, five days a week. Then exposed to a poisonous array of “germ-killers” and anti-bacterial substances in the classrooms and bathrooms through out their school day….and like a true American soldier, the lunch the children enjoy includes a variety of the lowest quality, chemically/hormone laden, carcinogenic substances that the trusty FDA has erroneously labeled as “food”..most of which is wrapped in endocrine disruptive plastics and styrofoams. And if they are very lucky on pink breast cancer day they will receive a hefty dose of pink/ aka red 40 food coloring in all of their food stuffs…just thinking myself of colon cancers best and closest friend- the pink hot dog….on a sqwishy, gooey constipating white bun. Oh they are helping to pay for breast cancer research….eh hem, they ARE the breast cancer research!

You have probably read my earlier posts on cancer like the article “Racing for the Cure or Running from It.” Well, this is another example of attempts to keep running from the cure in an oxymoronic way. Why all these ridiculous and rhetorical efforts for cancer money? Because, sadly people prefer to be sick, because chronic sickness and at its extreme cancer are just symptoms of the core issue pleasure anxiety! The inability to be or “feel” happiness and pleasure is deeply connected to the ability or inability rather, of the human body to heal and health itself.

Its amazing to me- how this cancer machine in the USA is able to utilize such monetary force and even moral religious shaming through the parental/educational child connection- that they have been able to get elementary boys and even foot ball players- to wear pink!!! I am all for boys wearing the color pink-but I would hate to be a fly on the wall in the home of some of these children being forced into the war as pink soldiers for the cause…..after they have been told their entire life that blue is the only acceptable color for boys—cultural schizophrenia!

I myself a very liberal parent who homeschooled my children had witnessed my boys first hand, shriek at the prospect of wearing pink. Though I now have a 15 year old who proudly wears the color magenta because-its his favorite color, that only came through years of fighting the rigid pink and blue system- even if it was only in his head.

On this day I encourage you to think GREEN- not pink and buy my book “Beyond Natural Cures’ for my personal story from working in oncology-the shocking facts!

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