Mommy Monster Apocalypse: The Lasting Neurotic Effects of Armored Parenting

Mother gets 99 years for gluing her childs hands to a wall- how many mothers glue their innocent children to strangers, televisions and hand held game device to avoid love and contact? (Thanks to Sioux City Journal for Pic)
Reich’s work has so many areas and facets, but I find myself continually drawn to his book “Children of the Future” and the plight of the infant and child- to reach out and connect with its surroundings but soon realizes after birth (or even in eutero) that the dead energy they are born into leaves them effected throughout their lives with disease, unhappiness, void and longing. This modern alternative rock video illustrates the emotional pain of the infant and armored parenting. The mother who ignores her child’s cries, emotionally abandons him and hands him off to strangers- is not the minority-but the majority. Since Reich’s research proved the most severest forms of emotional disease and schizophrenia are formed within the first seven days of life, we can already assume that what this one year old male child endures in this video is far less excruciating than his first 24 hours in the earth realm- routinely held down by strangers and circumcised, poked, prodded, denied of a natural birth, possibly choking on plastic milk and nipple and held down and vaccinated—are just some of the horrors that await the modern “baby.” Furthermore, in regards to “autism” it is plain to see the foundations here, the baby who has feeling and awareness and the mother who reacts “autistically” to her child. Would it be any surprise if the child later ended up- autistic?

I found it interesting that my Orgonomic colleagues from Italy and Greece were not able to stomach even the first few seconds of this video- it would be a real tribute to our human condition if we could all feel this baby’s emotional pain and get in touch with our own infant experience-which has no words but exists in our breath and actions/non-actions…24 hours a day. MGMT has created this poignant 3 minute song film-which illustrates the emotional plague of our times- Good Job MGMT!

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