Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Tooth?? Brave Dentist Pulls the “Tooth” Plug on Multi-Million Dollar Scam

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The voices of fear mongering dentists linger in the minds of Americans for years to come, negatively impacting their visits. For those of us in the natural health community-the fear tactics and people for profit attitudes from many U.S. dentists are enough to keep us ignoring our twice a year standard dental office visits and dentists all together! Common money makers and health breakers like: routine dental x-rays, root canals, fluoride use, metal side-effects from braces and fillings and the dreaded, wisdom tooth extractions are standard dental recommendations in the States. This was until, dedicated tooth advocate Dr. Jay Friedman spent 30 years speaking out on routine wisdom teeth removal. The 86 year old, Dr. Friedman, has been viciously attacked by fellow dentists and ignored by the masses. He has spent his career educating the public that wisdom teeth should not be prematurely taken out but left in until signs and symptoms develop. This philosophy, though contrary to modern dental practice, is in direct keeping with the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take.

I admit, as a health advocate and activist, I have been staunch in my refusal for x-rays and fluoride. I abhor the thought and practice of root canals. In fact, a nerve flare up I had a year ago from a tooth that was drilled and filled too deep was relieved, not by the recommended root canal but with magnets, acupuncture and color therapy. Despite all of this, I myself got a little edgy when my son turned 15-as he already needs braces and I have been hesitating because I do not want to expose him to the mass amounts of plastic, metal, radiation and skull and jaw trauma from these devices. Understandably, the thought of wisdom teeth dropping down made me uneasy.

This led me to do research on the subject and I was thankful to find this article on Dr. Friedman’s fight against the medical mafia. A hated man on many fronts, he has finally, after 30 years won appreciation and ears for his hard work. He comes forward as a voice of reason and balance, admitting his daughter had her teeth removed in her later teen years for problems-that nonetheless kept him committed to the importance of taking a prudent look at the multi-million dollar wisdom tooth industry and its profit driven extraction business.

As a naturopath doctor-I strongly urge others in our natural community to commit themselves to drinking raw milk, eating veggies and consuming herbs, color therapy, magnetic therapy and homeopathy for dental carries. Yes- you can heal cavities! As I have already said in a previous post, the age that dental carries present themselves gives a strong indication of the entire constitution of the person. As you can see, this is not as simple as taking a few supplements and living business as usual but a comprehensive commitment and a total life/health overhaul with the ultimate goal of strengthening and changing inherited constitution. For more information read my books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss.”

Read more about Dr. Friedman’s fight here:

Happy Healing : )

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