Lymph Detox, Don’t Forget About the Breasts

moldy breast implant
Imagine this implant in 6 years, the need for lymph detox is important for everyone!

If you read my article on Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage -you understand that massaging certain marma points and using the correct dosha oil can facilitate healing and balance-benefiting the nervous system and lymph.

One thing I have always seen in my practice and still do-is an avoidance and fear of touching the breast.  I’ll never forget when I was in school giving a woman a vichy massage and I got in trouble for lifting up the breast towel and massaging the breast tissue-even though the woman agreed to it, my teachers informed me-the breast towel must NEVER be removed.

While I understand women in the United States have alot of breast issues and shame , but to never be able to look at that area as a place that needs healing (of course until breast cancer sets in and then its sadistic rush to destroy not heal) seems condemning.  The breast as it has been worshiped, abused, disfigured and misplaced in our culture-continues to be NUMBER ONE site of cancer among women of all races.  You would think with this staggering fact women would be interested in preventative treatments to help keep the breasts healthy-no, no, no- the breast and health in general are grossly misunderstood .

The breast is rendered merely an object a part from the human body- not apart of it.  In this article I will discuss basic breast anatomy, ways to keep your breast healthy as outlined in my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss,” and my own breast treatment program.

First of all, we need to take back the breast from the porn industry and look at it for what it is.  Its main purpose is to feed babies and yes, sexually-if the breasts are healthy and palpable they should be a source of pleasure too (for the woman not the man!).  I am a very strong advocate for breastfeeding, not just because of the fact it lowers breast cancer but because it is a very important part of emotional attachment with the mother as scientifically proven through Dr. Reich and Dr. Bowlby’s research.

So, there we have it, a milk producing gland, surrounded by lymph ducts and nodes with an area of condensed nerves capable of giving pleasure.  We all want our breasts to “look good” but I believe the human will to live is also very strong- we can find a happy medium.  Here I will offer suggestions as to how to improve breast health- which can be found in detail in my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss”

1) Vitamin D, laying out topless and receiving the healing benefits of the full spectrum light from the sun and Vitamin D-is absolutely necessary.  See both of my books for the benefits of color/sound therapy – or the science of cymatics.

2) Jogging or rebounding without a bra or sports bra, I realize for extremely large breasted women this seems difficult or impossible, but the amount of pain women feel from breast movement is not natural and is caused from blocked and impacted tissue from the immobile and restrictive effects of a lifetime use of plastic bras and underwire.  One can work on this slowly and eventually be able to tolerate more flowing therapeutic breast movement.   This benefits the lymph system as the lymph is not peristalic in nature and relies on physical movement -see massage.*

3) Switching to cotton or natural material bras, like bamboo and skipping out on underwire for everyday use.  Natural materials allow the human energy field to thrive and heal around the body- think of it as a reiki treatment you give yourself.  The human energy field if left deficient and blocked from synthetic materials like plastic/polyester/satin – will cease to be able to do its job which is to help heal the body.

4) Love your breasts, this sounds ridiculous but the overwhelming amount of women that are not happy about their breasts and body in general is staggering.  Clearly disease strikes areas of emotional blocks (Dr. Reich).  Changing your mindset about your breasts and learning to love yourself- for not just your sake but for your children- has tremendous benefits in terms of health and well being. (see orgonomy)

5) Breast Massage- see below.*

6) Switching from anti-perspirant to deodorant in order to release sweat/toxins and move lymph.

7) Sweat!  Lifting up your arm, naked- in close proximity of the infra-red grill in a sauna will help draw out toxins.

Looking at the entire body as a living breathing organism, it seems natural to assume that keeping the human breast-tied up, dark and enclosed in plastic for 50 plus years-would seem to set up a disease friendly environment.   Most modern ideology about breasts makes no common sense whether in pop-or medical communities.  You can read more about personal case studies and even natural breast enlargement options in my new book.

Breast pain isn’t natural though it is normal whether from impacted tissues, scarring, strain or hormones-breast tissue can be worked on and softened.  I use a variety of essential oils such as Melissa and bay laurel for lymph, castor oil and hot towels with the breast lymph treatment.

Heal Your lymph & breasts
Are you truly “aware” of what makes your breasts and body sick?

I also utilize reflexology, cymatic frequency, magnetic acupuncture  and herbal recommendations.  The colors yellow and orange stimulate the lymph system with  the notes/vibrations A and B from the Pythagorean scale.  I’m never surprised to hear women with implants state in the beginning of a consult “Mine are great, I’ve never had a problem” and then watch their faces cringe when I apply even light pressure around the upper chest  or lower under arm.

Clearly, all women benefit from a breast/lymph detox, If you would like to schedule a lymph detox with Dr. Aurore, contact her today  in Birmingham, MI. Or contact her below.

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