Prevent Mass Murders Holistically: A Look at Healing Mental Illness

Another senseless mass murder by a mentally ill, misunderstood male.  It’s that time to talk about mental health again.  So many articles and blogs on the subject and half-feeling, useless calls on Facebook-reaching out to cyberspace declaring, “I love my kids!,” “Pray!” or “Gun control!!.”  Conservatives and Liberals are chiming in with their half-conscious, emotionally blocked opinions. I say that because though there is a national cry for change and government intervention-there is no real core, personal vested interest or responsibility to change anything.  Sure, we see these warm hippie Ghandi quotes on social networks, “Be the change in the world you want to see.”  Although, it feels right to post this motto that seems more poignant now than ever-the truth is, the common man and mankind itself is not ready nor willing to truly accept this concept.  Hence, another school shooting….and more mass homicide. Let’s talk prevention!

When my first book “Beyond Natural Cures” came out several years ago, people were shocked about the story of how my good friend  Francie and her children were murdered in a murder/suicide by her husband,  whom was hooked on a cocktail of medically prescribed pharmaceuticals for anxiety and depression. They were a natural organic family that had this one dark pharmaceutical ‘hook”which  made national headlines and a truly tragic and riveting story.  Essentially, I used the connection between SSRIs/pharmaceuticals for mental disorders and mass murders as not the cause but truly the aggravation and symptom of an empty industrial society longing for its mother. Without reprinting my book I would like to focus on conscious/contactful birth and childhood-which (along with a healthy diet) unequivocally as the answer to preventing mental illness and all forms of disease including autism.

Through my training with a licensed attachment/Reichian psychologist, I have divided people into two main societal structures (according to Reich): mechanical and mystical…these can also be looked at as conservative and liberal-although both sides overlap to certain degrees.  The entire earth is suffering from mechanical thinking and living because of industrialization. With that said, the mystics/liberals have more contact and feeling with the core and are more prone to take up activism for contactful, conscious births and parenting.  It is from this premise that I write this article-not intending to ignore conservatives, nor “dog out” liberals but with the belief that at some point both mechanical conservatives and liberals can, will or will try to unearth more feeling and consciousness.

We all know, as contactful parents,  that natural birth, breast feeding and non-circumcision lead to a healthier, stronger child and adult. But what if those intentions and “motions” were not enough?  What if the natural parent was “missing” something?  In the case of Sandy Hook disaster, it was already implied that the mother was cold and unfeeling but still wanted to connect enough to homeschool her child and save him on a certain level. Obviously, she was mechanical but even a more natural and mystically inclined parent is not immune to this type of tragedy (as evidenced by my friend’s murder).  I offer this look into the dangers of the mystic mother from the opinion of Dr. Ellsworth Baker from his book, “Man in the Trap.”

On the hippie/liberal parent:

“The liberal is optimistic and prone to intellectualism. The concentration of energy in the brain allows for fuller development of mental talents , but at the expense of core contact. Values, though in keeping with nature-are more superficial. Making the character less stable than a conservative and prone to degenerate into exaggeration……Standing for the common man, both rationally and out of guilt-he/she calls upon central government to force change, assuming that the common man will be able to assume the necessary responsibility to handle them. Having maintained some contact with his core, he has feeling, but his intellect is dominant in trying to solve the problems of humanity. He/she does NOT understand the structure of man, with its sexual repression and guilt, and CANNOT see that this structure will NOT allow man to respond to freedom-nor to accept it. Lacking a definite idea of RIGHT and WRONG- it is founded from a subversive rebelliousness against ones parents. This contrasts with a conservative who derives their structure from competing with the parent.” pg. 198-199

From this research and stand point we can see the danger in following the liberal cry to just medicate everyone and ban guns.  Gross exaggerations and relying on guilt and intellect causes a blocking in a core understanding of the mass instability and mental illness of humanity at large.  This is not to suggest that the emotionally disconnected conservative/mechanical view of ignoring the cries of an infant or even greater-society- is right either.  The hope therefore is not in protecting ourselves through government devices or dissociation by having more and more children than we can take care of but in truly loving and connecting with our infants and providing a safe, non-neurotic passage for human life into the world.  What I am saying is-each one of us, as parents are responsible for the human lives we bring into the world-not the government, not the pharmaceutical companies and not Hollywood.

So, we as natural parents, especially those of us involved in Waldorf (anthroposophy) understand the importance of no television and natural toys and atmosphere for children.   We also understand the harmful effects physically, emotionally and mentally that early schooling and education has on a child.  Though we can be proud we have reached that level of understanding, it is far from perfect. Reich indicated over 50 years ago that the most severest forms of schizophrenia were cemented within the first seven days of life.  What we see in the case of Adam Lanza the murder/suicide shooter at Sandy Hook, was not just an angry/repressed child but an autistic boy whom was disconnected and unattached to his mother at an early age.  I can only imagine that he enjoyed an early life typical of so many American children: left in front of the television, baby sat by violent video games, injected with all types of poisons, held down and circumcised and pharmaceutically manipulated.  When we look for true answers in the wake of a tragedy such as this, we need to include wholistic thinking and recognize how crucial the first year of life is in forming the character structure of the individual.   I include here quotes on infancy and birth from Dr. Ellsworth Baker taken from his book “Man and the Trap:”

” When allowed to develop in the uterus of a relaxed and loving mother and born naturally, it becomes immediately an independent and efficient functioning unit. Its breathing commences immediately, and immediately it is able to observe and make contact with the world” …”When the mother develops anxiety and loses contact the infant too contracts and his downward path to misery begins. First contracting in the diaphragm and chest-both reducing sensation and separating the upper and lower segments of the body.. This can be easily observed in the infant’s breathing. Feet and buttocks then become cold, blue, or pale; contact is lost in the eyes, the back becomes arched- the body rigid. Emotionally restless, irritable and pleading in its cries. Bowel habits and sleeping habits become upset. Finally illness sets in.” Pg. 340 &  342

I hope by reading this, we all get a sense of how grave the situation is in modern society and how any true answers to stop such cruel, sadistic and senseless tragedies such as Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook will lie in how far we as human beings are willing to go in healing ourselves-orgonomically.  For more information on true healing with love-orgonomically read my book “Beyond Natural Cures” available for only $1 at and lulu.

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