New Years Detox- DON’T DO IT!

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Rule #1  Honor Thy Dosha and Season!

Recently I was asked about the lemon master cleanser detox in January. You know that feeling January first- sluggish, fat and even depressed.  While it is tempting to “just do it” and detox as we have been commercially told-however, an unseasonal detox can set you up for chronic constitutional/dosha disorders.  Because the season is kapha and cold-cold, unseasoned, non-native fruits and veggies, cold drinks and cold herbs and spices-are all apart of this upheaval.

 The biggest harm here is taking your body off of center-and though you may feel off center this feeling maybe more psychological than somatic.  Feelings of guilt and shame, latent childhood memories-the stress of the holiday get togethers and reconnecting with our tribes….add that to the let down of saturn or the time of Capricorn that we are in-the death planet- and you have not just a physically cold but psychologically cold difficult month.

 One thing I do in office in Dec. Jan. and Feb. is what I call a Winter-Renovating Violet Detox- what this is-is a color bath-of violet in four sessions.  Also added to this is one hour in the infra-red sauna, magnetic organ acupuncture and 15 minutes on the chi machine.  Violet is appropriate for this time of year as it stimulates vitamin D production-something all of us northerners need.  It also stimulates the spleen and promotes the production of leucocytes-white (violet) blood cells.  A tranquilizer, violet also calms the nervous system. 

A Cold Spleen/ Slow Metabolism

I add a few aspects of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine into my ayurvedic practice.  Besides missing the element of metal, ayurveda does not in my opinion address the very serious chronic disorder of “cold” or yin spleen. When this happens the body holds on to weight and water and the metabolism slows down.  In this way the disorder is releated to kapha. But I take it a step further by energizing the spleen, not just with color therapy and acupuncture but using spleen stimulating herbs like atractylodes

 This is truly a spa like experience and usually by the end of the four sessions a few tears and a few smiles come forth-it is liberating, therapeutic and healing… aiding the infamous SAD disorder.  I also give people a personalized constitutional profile for their dosha-by doing a simple pulse and urine diagnosis.  If a cleanse is truly needed-I may put kapha individuals on a one-two day kapha fast with a salt water laxative colon cleanse.  But for the most part- I do not recommend heavy detoxing at this time of year.  You will see that spring and fall allergies follow the equinox-earth cycles- this is a perfect time for detoxing.

 If you are in Michigan- I encourage you to stop by the office for your Winter-Violet therapeutic program.  For my web clientele- I can simulate many of these things through colored bulbs (NOT fluorescent).  Stay strong and healthy in this winter.

“In the depth of winter I found within me an invincible summer” -Camus

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