Kim & Kourtney Kardashian: Celebrity Health Stars, Lowest Rating

Recently added to the celebrity health loser pile with Toni Braxton and Jenny MacCarthy
Recently added to the celebrity low health list with Toni Braxton and Jenny MacCarthy

Well, it was inevitible….just getting into 2013 and the dysfunctional, physically/emotionally sick celebrities continue to advertise their illness and put out into the universe their inability to mother effectively or think of anyone other than themselves.  “K”ase in point, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, the unreality show star sisters that have both sought motherhood as the next cool thing to do.  Up until now I had kept quiet about Kourtney breastfeeding her babies plastic, moldy, viral and bacteria laden implant milk- but the new buzz is that Kourtney is going to breastfeed Kim’s celebri-spawn West baby.  This has caused much chaos in media outlets and social networks. People chiming in about either how “weird” it was to breastfeed another person’s baby or how “awesome” it was that Kourtney was taking a stand for breastfeeding by volunteering as a wet nurse for her sister.  What has not been talked about is the tragedy that the States have effectively turned back Motherhood 200 years and that implant milk-whether from the mother or wet-nurse sister is NOT a good or healthy alternative to formula.–so-whats-the-big-deal-8453802.html

Wet Nursing: A Mother’s Failure to Love

First of all, the act of wet nursing is beautiful in cases of illness such as cancer in our modern-day culture.  But, I can’t seem to get over the fact that nursing for health is still greatly misunderstood and misrepresented by the medical community that seem to warp everything they get their hands on. For instance, I recently participated in a nursing discussion where a woman with cancer was seeking out a wet nurse because her milk didn’t come in from the chemo.  I was taken back because I was the only one surprised that this woman would have still nursed even with the radioactive chemo therapy drugs!  But should I really be surprised, as I remember with my first child born in the hospital 16 years ago, doctors were encouraging me to take Tylenol and Demerol for pain because it doesn’t “get” in my breast milk. It appears that whether breastfeeding or not the medical communities marriage to the drug/implant making companies take presidence over sound, rational advice.

Let’s look at what wet nursing really was and still is, in its true form.  Wet nursing was developed to appease wealthy Victorian women who neither wanted to be soiled or touched by a dirty baby or expose their breasts which had been a sense of shame and reproach for them the entire lives.  By hiring a slave/servant wet-nurse a mother was effectively able to not face her sexual defenses and armors against the community and not attach or love their infant.  I recall the seen in one of my favorite books by Gustav Flaubert, “Madame Bovary” where the main character sneaks out to the wet-nurse house before the time she was allowed to be seen in public after birth.  She was considered scandalous and rebellious and subsequently commits suicide.  While she is only a fictitious character the reality of what women faced and were morally up against in a male controlled society is painfully apparent throughout the story.  You feel for these babies broken hearts and wonder how any of them ever made it to adulthood.

Bottle or Wet Nurse? 

I can only say bottle feeding is slightly better than wet nursing because at least the mother is doing it in the early months but then there are issues with the gag reflex not being properly developed because of the oral handicap bottle feeding provides and the exposure to plastics, heavy metals and immune deficient so called milk…not to mention the horrors of the popular endocrine destroying soy milk, all makes the process of bottle feeding almost abusive.  Clearly, the ultimate health benefits for a child come from the bonding and attachment between mother and child-which is the foundation of a peaceful, loving society as proven by attachment researchers Dr. Bowlby and Dr. Wilhelm Reich. However, one look at modern culture and you can see even the hippie extended nursers can’t “get it right.”  This does not prove that breastfeeding is not important for attachment, but that the emotional neurosis of humanity-is so great- that most women who nurse for attachment are not able to effectively do so because of their own psychological issues and armors…  phew- this is complex, and we haven’t even talked about the main point!

Implant Milk: A Modern Health Crisis

Not sure why celebrities do it-why they brag about nursing their babies with implants–it is beyond my comprehension.  They must know, all women must on some level, that implants are plastic foreign objects in your body wreaking havoc and damaging your immune system and body 24 hours a day. In women’s implant defense I know what is happening in the medical community regarding implants is similar to what happened in the 50s with cigarettes.  Doctors were actually prescribing cigarettes and getting monetary kick backs from multi-million dollar cigarette companies.  It was a huge fight and millions of people had to die from lung cancer just to finally get a warning label on the cancer sticks.  Well, these cancer balls, are no different.  You could be sick as a dog, as in the case of Toni Braxton-organs failing, lupus, autistic child (see post on Toni) and the doctors will not even suggest these symptoms could be caused by your implants.  This is because they are FDA approved and raking in millions of dollars a year on unsuspecting women.  So, doctors have sold out- whats new?!

I project sometime in the future, once women get wise enough about their own bodies (if that day comes) that there will be some research studies based on the comparing the constituents of implant milk with that of formula.  But, with the amount of control and pull that the medical society, like a priesthood, has over our capitalist culture-I would be very skeptical of the results.  Similarly, I would like to see research on cancer rates and breast implants-but I won’t hold my breath.  Let’s get back to reality here, do we really need to see numbers and figures proving that these foreign plastic objects are dangerous to our bodies.  Which one of us are in such perfect health that we would honestly be willing to sacrifice that health for implants, or for our children’s health….yet so many of us do.

If you remember my previous posts on breast implants I included a picture of what breast implants look like after being in the body for only one year, which I will post here again.  This picture has been viciously sought out and taken down time and time again on the internet.  It represents the biggest assault on the female body since the chastity belt and female circumcision.  With that being said, let’s hold a higher standard for Motherhood and human life-celebrities are not Gods but people who use money to do whatever they f— they want without regard to those around them.  Their money and status keeps them in a numb armored bubble away from contact with humanity-not towards it.  Let’s not be impressed with the new disgusting and mentally ill episode of Kim and Kourtney’s life-but stand up to human life and tell them to take out those implants (both of them) do a detox- mentally and physically and then have kids!  We might not know the lasting health results on their children until their children are in their middle ages but eventually it would be grand if one celebrity would be brave enough to stand up to these implant companies and come clean about how their health has been negatively effected from them!Breast Implants = Autism, Cancer and Disease

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