Aurora Face-Lift Facials by Dr. Aurore

Dr. Aurore's ruby mask, made with organic pink clay, fresh rose petals, raw honey, raw milk, helichrysum, tulsi, jasmine and neroli
Dr. Aurore’s ruby mask, made with organic pink clay, fresh rose petals, raw honey, raw milk, helichrysum, tulsi, jasmine and neroli

Dr. Aurore recommends four face-lift facials to begin the three lift process of removing wrinkles and improving skin tone. This process is as follows: desquamate the epithelial skin cells to reveal fresh skin, firm the dermis by rebuilding and strengthening the collagen and elastin proteins and release tightened muscles and fascia and oxygenate the skin through increasing circulation.  Many have been led to believe that wrinkles are caused solely from collagen and elastin layers, which loosen and fall apart like bricks in a wall that is losing mortar. This is true, but one needs to keep in mind the role emotions and diet plays.  Regarding diet, the fact is most people are not getting enough fatty acids in their diet. The trendy fat free diets of the 90s are now contributing to some very old looking 30 somethings.  No fat or low-fat is very damaging to your skin.

The Emotional Body and Aging

Tight muscles caused from anxiety and repressed emotions also contribute to deep lines and wrinkles, not to mention the role that taxed organs and toxins play. Then their is the restrictive effect of decreased circulation and oxygen to the skin from chronic breath holding as a result of anxiety and “chest holding.” (see my page Orgonomy).  Of course, these things combined effect the tone and epidermal layer but also contributes to deep lines, rosacea, eczema and scarring.

Take for instance the “11s,” these wrinkles are often the first signs of aging.  Two or one deep wrinkles between the eyebrows are a famous botox and plastic filler site.  In natural health and ayurveda, it is well known that the left side between the eyebrows is related to the spleen and the right side the liver through vedic marma or acupressure points. Deeper research shows that emotionally, the liver is the house of anger.  So, the common 11s that show up anywhere from 30 to 40 years old are not just caused by collagen and elastin breakdown but also repressed emotions and toxic liver, as well.

11 Wrinkle Case Study

Dr. Aurore at her Hartland Office
Dr. Aurore at her Hartland Office

I can think of one client in particular who was only 35 but already had very deep 11s in-between her brows.  It gave her a brooding and foreboding look and so when treating her, I concentrated not on the fact that she “looked older” but what her facial expressions were telling about what was going on inside-that needed to come out.  In this womans case she definitely had a toxic liver as a life long user of traditional American foods loaded with pesticides and chemicals but also she was a recovering drug addict.  A look further into the 11 wrinkles reveals she was horribly abused by her step father for years, through her own admission.  The wrinkles gave the message “I’m angry, don’t mess with me.”This woman had already endured two years of laser therapy, fillers and chemical peels,  the wrinkles improved artificially and then got worse.  She was setting herself up for a lifelong course of expensive and painful surgeries and treatments-they will help temporarily but are unnecessary.  Unnecessary? You might be thinking, speak for yourself! But, naye, I am here to delightfully inform you, taking care of the body as a whole and treating it as such reduces and eliminates the need for outside medical interventions.  Having said that, no one is perfect and we all suffer from our unique character faults and emotional issues that reveal themselves on our face.  We all will do well to keep on a path of healing revelation rather than sick repression.

In my own experiences with the 11s, I occasionally get a strong 1 on my right liver side.  It comes and goes, this tells me that I need to release my emotions and detox my liver as well.  After suffering from a gallbladder attack five years ago, I can attest my liver needs special attention at times. This special attention consists of releasing my repressed rage and anger and doing twice a year detox  to purge my body from excess acids, stones and ama (toxins). Every year I experience a breakout when I do this, ironically, my liver line develops an oozing pimple that often drains for a week.  All a necessary part of the healing, youth-remaking process.

Detoxing is not just about taking away but building up, strengthening and renewing.  Using cymatic frequency therapy through color and sound (tuning forks) and magnetic acupuncture are important, economical and easy ways to rejuvenate stuck organs and even more so with the skin.

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Available at and soon, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!
Available at and soon, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!

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