Jillian Michaels, the BIGGEST Celebrity Health LOSER!


Who's the real biggest loser?? Work-Out Guru, television host....andmom, in that order
Who’s the real biggest loser?? Work-Out Guru, television host….and
mom, in that order

Just on the heels of my fat-free moms blog, comes this startling revelation from fat-free work-out guru, host of Biggest loser and mother (in that order) Jillian Michaels.  In her new book she reveals,

“I am even less tolerant about wasting time. When I’m training someone at THE BIGGEST LOSER and don’t feel like they are giving 100% I am NOT a happy camper. That is time I could be spending with my kids and taking it for granted does not go over well.”

Wow, impressive right?  Well, lets look at the obvious facts: #1 mother of two very small, young children, #2 Angry look on her face, very masculine, #3 celebrity status would cause anyone to work out all day and obsess about their looks and #4 As the star of a TV show she devotes the rest of her time away from working out-to this.  I don’t believe for one minute she is sitting there wishing she could be with her kids. There is no excuse for an unattached mother, period.  Sure, she maybe suffering from guilt but she cannot blame the people on her show for her inability to mother her children.  Up until the age of five mothers are the first and primary attachment source-and rightfully so (*see my book “Beyond Natural Cures”).

You might feel its unfair that I mention her angry eyes and unfeminine build.  Not at all, in orgonomy, one looks at the the face and body structure in order to determine character structure (*Beyond Natural Cures).  The eyes are a tell tale sign of what’s going on in the brain (as in strabismus which indicates confusion or the dead schizophrenic stare such as that in the the Aurora, CO shooter). Jillian exhibits a very harsh and unopen look in her eyes, this is especially significant for children as these are the eyes they look into for comfort, contact, love and acceptance.  Jillian’s eyes tell me she has many years of repressed anger that she is holding in her ocular segment.  The masculine body and lack of feminizing body fat tell me she resents her femininity and her role as a life-giving mother. (*see my article on fat-free moms)

Born in love, Dr. Aurore's home birth with her third child "They instantly love and trust us- we must protect that and them-at all costs" -Dr. Aurore
Born in love, Dr. Aurore’s home birth with her third child “They instantly love and trust us- we must protect that and them-at all costs” -Dr. Aurore

As a television personality, of course, one would exhibit the classic anxiety from living in the public eye.  How much more so for those who make their living by flaunting their rock hard body.  This only contributes to obsessing over one’s body, unnatural dieting and the way one looks.  This type of mindset is not unusual for any American woman but as a “role model” Jillian should be first and foremost a role model for her children and number one, take care of them. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful, sexy and fit- but sadistically pushing yourself, unnaturally to the detriment of your family, is not only not healthy- but toxic!!   I have a feeling, Jillian’s children are really losing out on the most important person in their life (baby looks small, is she even breastfeeding?).

The only title that impresses me is that of “Mother” and if you can love and take care of your kids you truly are the biggestWINNER!  

For healthy living, exercise and weight loss see my book, “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” for a natural alternative!!





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