Alopecia, Insomnia, Acne & Migraines: Heal them Naturally! Aurore’s Case Study File

alopecia in the back at 4 years old, hair was balding, weak and brittle
alopecia in the back at 4 years old, hair was balding, weak and brittle

Alot of people don’t know my teenage daughter suffered from alopecia as a child-you wouldn’t know, because her hair is so thick, long, lustrous and healthy-it would be hard to imagine.  As I looked back at pictures, I naturally tried to hide and comb over her bald spot.  But the total hair itself wouldn’t grow in and would break off.  This didn’t make sense to me-physically, as my daughter was home-birthed and breast fed, she also ate an organic diet of raw milk, oils, farm fresh eggs and lots of veggies.

I knew as my daughter grew, because of my studies in Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Bowlby, that this disorder was emotionally based and was related to her nervous system as an attachment disorder.

My daughter was always a nervous child, mystically we would say she was born with her eyes “wide open,” as she was able to see and internalize everything much at a much deeper level.  As an infant, she cried non-stop and was not very smiley.  At one time I realized it was an attachment disorder because my mid-wife Aviva Romm came over one day and when she picked up my baby-she miraculously stopped crying. However, I was not at the time “able” to process this information because I was just realizing her older brother was autistic (now healed : ).

She always had a very nervous demeanor.  She did not like crowds and strangers, which seems to make sense but these things would really scare her.  She even referred to people as humans until she was 8!  She would be described as a melancholic child but I would also say she exhibited alot of anxiety at an early age.  For instance, she would not be able to fall asleep easily and would stay up coloring, earning her the nickname “night owl” for her insomnia.  Around six we started to see her experience migraine headaches after birthday parties and get togethers-in which she would eventually-vomit. She became a nail biter, etc. I knew that I needed to reach out and heal my daughter on another level and this was not an issue that would be solved with a few supplements and detox.

My daughter's hair and skin now, healthy, strong and shiny
My daughter’s hair and skin now, healthy, strong and shiny

I attribute my daughters healing from her migraine disorder, alopecia and subsequent acne from several things:

1. Emotional release and reattachment through orgonomy treatments. This healed our relationship and therefore created a zone and foundation for healing (as in my sons autism).

2. Cymatic frequency healing through color and sound: this was an overlapping of programs for schizophenia in order to balance the body and emotions by switching from magenta to green and also using sedative colors to relax the nervous system. The same for sound frequencies-except I utilized sounds to increase the lucid state and disengage her mind from an alpha state to a theta state.

3. Waldorf eductation: teaching and utilizing Waldorf methods in education (I homeschooled) became very very important and this is why I utilize art and music therapy myself.  Using forms, water colors, clay, eurythmy (dance), singing,  handy work like knitting-and spending time in nature… helped my all my children in different ways, but for my daughter greatly soothed her spirit and gave her something to also dispense her energy on.  This is often the remedy I recommend to other people experiencing many different disorders.

4. An Ayurvedic dosha specific diet– for vata.

By 11 years old my daughters hair had finally grew in long and lush.  The fact her hair couldn’t grow in had also given her an extra set of worries!  Even now that she is almost 15 her hair grows unbelievably strong and fast.  Her migraines, ironically, also left as her hair got stronger. In her case, quite simply-as she learned to attach, release and relax, her health and nervous system stabilized. When my daughter was 13 she developed acne, which in turn was an emotional flare up or return to the infant stages (Freud and Reich)  and completely went away after my ex husband moved out of the house in my divorce.

When treating alopecia- I treat it individually, looking at the entire system and recommending diet and emotional changes appropriately.  Though many people suffer from the same disorders, not all disorders have the same core/cause ratio. This is key. I do see several resonating factors in both alopecia, migraines and acne.

1. Fluorescent lighting (tanning bed also)- is very harmful on the nervous system, damages the skin and hurts the eyes. *See my book “Beyond Natural Cures” for more information.

2. Lack of sunlight or full spectrum (no full-spectrum lights are NOT full spectrum, they have the yellow completely taken out of them, again see my book for more information.)

3. The education system with no child left behind, has caused great stress on the new generations-many of them not able to find any joy at all in learning. Forcing them to read early and sent into school early (eh, hem-daycare) overly develops the left brain at the expense of the right.

4. Prescribed organized sports– over scheduled kids frazzles the nervous system and puts early stress on children not yet ready emotionally to merge with groups and attack or “beat” enemies for the parents honor and love.

5. Lack of connection to nature and too much TV, computer and phone electromagnetic fields. I can only assume this will quadruple since the introduction of cancer causing wi-fi waves through the air-consistently.  These gadgets have many far reaching ramifications-contributing to agitation from inducing the fight and flight (ADHD), disconnection to the “real” world: nature and human connections (ADD, autism), eye sight loss and cancer.

I agree with Steiner founder of Waldorf education when he taught that these issues are fundamental and will disrupt metabolism and will eventually cause chronic illness in adulthood. If you would like to know more about color therapy, fluorescent lighting, electromagnetic fields and Waldorf education- please check out my book on and “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss

You might be surprised about my no supplement approach, keep in mind pricey supplements pick up where the mind is deficient. If you heal the mind-thereby changing metabolism-the entire body rejuvenates and changes.  However, in some cases herbs and homeopathics like cell salts, etc-might be in order temporarily.

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