Angelina Masochist Jolie: Celebrity Sickos, Get Sicker
Actress Angelina Jolie, photo courtesy of nymag

We all remember Angelina Jolie’s antics-making out with her brother, wearing Billy Bob’s blood…and then there were her candid admissions of “cutting herself up” in a masochistic psychosis in high school.  She redeemed herself somewhat and even almost successfully proved her father (who went on record that she should not have children) wrong when she dedicated herself to humanitarian efforts.  Did she just grow up, and grow out of her masochistic character illness?

No.  While I do believe masochism to a certain degree exists rampantly through out modern patriarchal war culture, I do not believe that it can some how disappear by ignoring it with a bunch of children and airline tickets.  To top this struggle, Ms. Jolie most certainly has against her the depraved and deviant job of acting.  Acting, especially at an early age teaches children to ignore their core and become whomever they want or need to be at the time, a form of a schizophrenic split.  While again, most of us in modern culture, if not all, suffer from having to split our emotional bodies and personality to cope with the rigors of family life and school- it is even more so for those brought up in the career field of acting.  Acting produces a hologram of a person-a type of ghost with no core.  This is why Scientology  which teaches complete emotional control and even denial, flourishes under the flag of the “acting” regime.

Angelina, has proven to the public that she cannot hide her mental disease of masochism, choosing the knife and emotional blocking at every fork in the road she passes through. Let’s look at some of her obvious public signs and where it stems from:

In her teen years she cut herself up, this is what Reich says an attempt to release pent up sexual energy and emotion.

 Afraid to reach out with rage, coupled with the feeling of bursting , they reach within and find safety in hurting themselves instead of others. “I want to hurt you, but I can’t-so I will hurt myself.”  If the person can successfully make contact with another human being and experience emotional sexual surrender and release-many times that will help to alleviate and clear masochistic symptoms.

Her early marriages and relationships daunted with sexual confusion, drug use to escape and bizarre acts.  Tattooing and piercing is another form of masochism-relishing in the pain.  Her difficult relationship with her parents, lesbian period and later masculinizing  her female infant Shilo and denying her white children love and attention with preference over her darker children-proves her deep hatred of females and issues with males and how out of touch and unable she is to connect and attach to her own offspring.

Her masochism comes into full acceptance and yet still unconsciously hidden when her failed tribal African birth becomes Hollywood-ized and she bails for a “safer, easier” birth-a c-section.  Again, the knife comes to her rescue, this time with admiration, public applause and compassion.  Years later, she finds comfort in the knife and cutting herself, by slicing off her two breasts which she is convinced are going to “kill her” for this act she is further redeemed by the public and is looked at as courageous and brave….her brainwashed man partner describes her as heroic.

Everybody gets what they want and Angelina is appearing more and more normal every day, but lets not forget the most important word, natural.  The character disease of masochism is normally and highly tolerated in our culture (50 Shades of Grey, religious rites like circumcision, etc)- it is not natural and if treated with orgonomy, awareness and truth one may hope to live a life as a recovered masochist- one who understands their character predisposition and weakness, recognizes the symptoms and works hard at over coming them.  Thereby setting a good example for health-for the entire public, if you are an actress or your entire family-if you are a parent.

There simply is no other way to health.

As you can see, Angelina’s attempts to heal breast cancer can be viewed as daring and heroic but can very well be a testament to her character issues getting the best of her.  Demons of fear keep rational thought at bay and in the end it is the fear that kills you and your acceptance of it. I can only imagine her next recourse will be plastic, poison implants that will be covered in deadly mold, virus and bacteria in six months  If you have read my first book “Beyond Natural Cures” you understand why I do not agree with gene theories as the cause and cure of disease and my second book “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss”, second edition discusses natural solutions to breast augmentation and health.

Please, contact Dr. Aurore for a comprehensive body-mind assessment and specialized organ decongestion Ayurvedic detoxes- on-line or in office!

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