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Beyond Natural Cures
Dr. Aurore’s first book on natural health-Ayurveda, Anthroposophy and so much more.

Many diseases are considered incurable in modern medicine or allopathy.  Allergies, MS, diabetes and some mental disorders are just a few.  Drugs or pharmaceutical chemicals can lessen some symptoms or even cover them up but will not “heal” the disease or the degenerative organs that are causing the disease.

Not so with the ancient healing system of ayurveda.  Ayurveda does not focus on cures , the absence of disease or symptoms but on balancing the human body.  The mind and body go through natural rhythmic changes such as time of day, hormones, age, seasons and metabolic changes.* Ayurveda gives hope for healing.

Another contrast between Western medicine and ayurveda is Western medicines approach to health by separating the body system and treating it as isolated pieces disconnected from the whole.  Ayurveda’s very foundation is that all aspects of health and life are interrelated.  Western medicine shows us this most visibly in the way drugs are manufactured.  It dissects and isolates active ingredients from its matrix or whole. So, even when they are utilizing drugs from natural substances such as marijuana and its drug counterpart marinol, they are losing the interconnection and intricate balance of the “whole” by isolating it from it’s matrix.  The different parts of the plant that work together with the active substance to create balance and healing.  (An interesting conversation the other day with a fellow practitioner about  the destructive use of hydroponics in marijuana cultivation, in which hydroponics only feed the plant certain types of ingredients instead of all of the micro-nutrients the plant receives from soil.)

Lastly, Western medicine promotes the idea of one drug for one disease.  It is not unusual that with all of the money and time spent in getting drugs in the market through the FDA, when one drug is found after some time to give complications or not do what it was “promoted” to do, pharmaceuticals search frantically..or shall I say conveniently to attach the drug to another disease or disorder.  While we can say the old Irish saying, “searching for one thing leads to another” is common knowledge, this practice still separates itself from Ayurveda which understands that natural herbs provide health for many different body systems-not just one.

For instance, kumari or Aloe aids and heals the circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive, nervous and excretory system.

Ayurvedic medicine’s premise for healing disorders relies on several body actions: absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.  Likewise the effects the ayurvdedic medicine has on the body happens through the doshas (constitution), dhatus (tissues), malas (waste) and srotas (channels).  Clearing the body of ama (toxins) through these processes leads to homeostasis and balance.

A word on srotas or healing channels in the body, these words need not to be examined mystically or intimidatingly.  The srotas or channels are explained as follows: srotasmi, siras, rakta and hridaya.  These are simply the blood flow process from the heart through the arteries and arterioles and branching into the capillaries and returning through the venus system.  When we look at the body from an ayurvedic perception, we can see that it is a complete system of healing that removes blocks to healing through simple lifestyle techniques that balances the system not ravaging it, depleting it or pulling it apart in pieces.

*when one observes the processes of metabolism-one can see that only the mind can explain how someones metabolism works more sluggishly or more effectively than another.  In my book “Beyond Natural Cures” I present body/mind theories on how all of us begin life as a pitta dosha but through emotional repression and disrupted natural thought processes-we block and create counter doshas-making us “emotionally stuck and constipated” or “ragingly skinny with IBS.” This is why orgonomy  (an alternative form of psychotherapy, in which Dr. Aurore was trained in for four years) is THE most important catalyst for healing and compliments ayurveda-completely.   It truly does begin and end in the mind!

I hope you enjoyed this article, there are many more ayurvedic articles on this website!

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