The Ayurvedic Path to Health and Enlightenment

One of my biggest issues with Westernized Ayurveda is the hyper focus on “diet.” At least that’s the way it is here in the Mid-West. Most people are only familiar with Ayurveda through Dr. Oz and even with that there is a simple understanding of the benefits of tumeric and the elements of fire, water and air.  It is my purpose to educate others about the more obscure but no less important aspects of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic balance. as we have talked about, is the foundation of health.  Balance therefore must be attained in all areas of life and is accomplished through living in accordance with natures laws (this is why orgonomy compliments Ayurveda so completely).

Becoming self- realized is processed through raising one’s kundalini shakti or life energy.  Ayurveda tells us this comes through meditation and yoga.  While these are helpful they are simply not enough. Man’s present armored state in the form of blocks in emotional expression and life energy and the gross societal armoring which Reich termed the emotional plague that leads the masses into a state of continual yoga maya illusion, makes raising the kundalini completely through the body, in an entire circuit (not just sections)-impossible.

What you witness with many yogis is a build of of life energy in certain areas. This can lead to psychological disorders if it is stuck in the ocular segment or head or other illnesses and disorders if stuck in one area and blocked in another. The energy cannot flow through you. When this happens and it will without orgonomy, the path to spiritual-realization or samhadi becomes useless.

The process of samadhi/spiritual-realization leads one through the necessary stages of satya/truth and then ahimsa/ non-violence.  One cannot claim ahimsa or peaceful understanding until one has recognized and honored their own personal truth-satya- their rage, their hate and their murderous impulses that rest unsuspectingly in their tumors, migraine headaches and skin rashes.

This is why the world needs orgonomy.  Orgonomy, which is a therapy that removes emotional blocks to wellness and unleashes true happiness, brings one through their personal satya or truth that they may attain their next level ahimsa, honestly.  It is my belief most people hang on to these terms mystically in order to esteem themselves to others as a type of guru above everyone else.  A type of empty spiritual phallic display.

What I am talking about is hard work, which every human will naturally repel and turn from, like a cockroach that runs from the light once uncovered.  However, this is no other way towards health.

Some people get carried away with fluffy words and ignore the important steps.  For instance, one of the books I studied for college on ayurveda claims that samadhi can be reached by attaining mental balance from developing a pure peaceful sattwic mind.  It sounds so simple and maybe it was 2,000 years ago but with wi-fi waves running through the air waves, child hating abusive birthing practices (circumcision, vaccines, bottle feeding), detached parenting as the “norm” and poisoned food and water (gmo’s, pesticides, etc)-this simple sentence of attaining a balanced mind is far from attainable-without Orgonomy.

To find out more on how orgonomy is linked to ayurveda and health read my books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss.”

Join me next time when we discuss Vastu/ or Indian Feng Shui

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Ayurveda Holistic Center Press. NY.

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