Guru: Do We Really Need One?

Dr. Aurore offers a unique approach to healing autism
Dr. Aurore offers a unique approach to healing autism

Ayurveda is infused with religion, but if we can look past the mystical aspects or even into them and through them-we can gain alot of understanding about mental health and relationships and even find parallels in orgonomy.  In my books “Beyond Natural Skin Care and Weightloss” and “Beyond Natural Cures

I spent a fair amount of time drawing comparisons between ayurveda, anthroposophy and orgonomy.  Essentially, that’s what my mind does-meld these practices and theories that I have studied for half of my life into something tangible for others.  Ayurveda speaks of different ethics and laws called yama and niyama which help lead to self-realization or samadhi.  I have referred to two important yamas in my previous article, they are: ahimsa/non-violence and satya/truth.  Ayurveda teaches that the root cause of all illness is the lack of connection to the divine.  Likewise we can say, orgonomy teaches that it is the disconnection to the orgone, the main source, is the cause of all illness.  The difference between these two is how to come to that connection.   As a science, orgonomy completes that task without relying on moralism and religious mysticism which can be a source of escapism, confusion and misunderstanding.

Specifically, ayurveda speaks of a guru or teacher to help bring one into samadhi.

I cannot argue with this, not that we need a “man or priest to redeem us from sin” in a moral sense but in a scientific sense.  In Orgonomy, we cannot see for ourselves our own emotional energetic blocks and defense-therefore we cannot self-heal.  I do not mean to suggest we do not possess the power to heal ourselves, we most certainly do- however, that path and journey is blocked and diverted by…none other than ourselves.  The part of our self that wants to remain sick, victimized and helpless more times than not wins.  With an honest guru/orgonomist you can liberate yourself. The problem arises, when the gurus use religious and moral rhetoric on feelings that causes the person resists their opening and essentially healing.  This is why religion can be so stifling instead of liberating.

If one listens to the old gospel tunes, the hope was always in liberation after death “free at last” and “Ill Fly Away” are just two examples. The hope was not in the here and now but after death.  This is also the concept and belief behind jihad in Islam, the hope for a reward in an after life.  This is the worst type of mass psychosis, one that Reich wrote about in his book “The Mass Psychology of Facism” DeMeo wrote in his book “Saharasia” and Baker in his book “Man and the Trap.”  This results in a sense of hopelessness and when accompanied with moral sexual stagnation it develops into insanity and even murder.

When we think of a divine teacher, we have many that have come into our life-over a lifetime, reaching out and reaching in.  Were we receptive?  I act as a guru, people pay me to teach them how to live a healthy life.  I used to work alot for free because I wanted to help people then I realized the less I charged the less people cared to heal themselves.  Time and time again they would miss their appointments or not even call, people just don’t have a value for something they don’t “pay” for.

Without downing the capitalist masses and blaming a money obsessed society we can maybe look at this phenomenon differently, as this is also a precept taught in ayurveda.  In a puja (sacred ritual) when there is darshan (seeing, or coming into contact with a great guru) there is an exchange.  This is true of the hugging saint Amma, she travels the world and you stand in line for your hug and when you get up to her you give her a gift (an apple, etc) and she gives you a hug. There is an exchange there, energetically but mentally as well.  Perhaps its not based on evil but more on a universal truth that you give, you get something in return.  At any rate, people value what they pay for.

So, health comes at a price and we can’t do it alone- this is the summary of this article.

I hope this encourages you to stop running on the treadmill of self-deception and get yourself into a position to heal, receive and be honest.   With me, I had to buy plane tickets and fly to Philadelphia 10 years ago to see an orgonomist and get the help I need-and it changed my life.  Though I give respect to my orgonomist who helped release my biggest emotional blocks and repressed pain-I had to put in 100% commitment.  In doing so, I healed myself and then my son of autism.  I hope when that day comes for you- you won’t miss it!

See you next time when we explore more aspects of body mind ayurveda- together : )

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