Supplements: What You Need, What You Don’t

Dr. Aurore is now located at Universal Health in Warren and Birmingham
Dr. Aurore is now located in Birmingham, MI

If you have read my first and second Beyond Natural Cure’s books, you know that I am a strong advocate against chronic supplementation- not just because it feeds the mouths of big business by playing on your fear and ignorance, but because when the body is in balance- hysterical and pricey vitamins and minerals are just not necessary. Without rewriting my books here (you can find out how to use color/sound-cymatic frequency to remetabolize your body)- I would like to present my top 5 necessary health supplements-or tonics, which means these are safe to take daily.

#1 Raw Milk-as an appreciator of the Weston-Price diet and its richness in fatty acids for your brain, sex glands and skin, nothing can be more important daily than at least one glass of raw milk.  Because I am an ayurvedic naturopath I do believe gently warming the milk and adding warming digestive spices such as cardamom and ginger makes it more beneficial for kapha  and vata doshas or water and air constitutions.  Packed with CLA- essential fatty acid chains, essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, you do not want to burn or destroy the milk such as done in pasteurization and homogenization that renders the liquid into nothing but a white pharmaceutical grade mixture of pus. I have had a cow share for 6 years and have included my special energy shake recipe with raw milk, farm egg, chia seed and maca in the recipe section of my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” for more information on raw milk and where to get it locally please see  (most people with lactose intolerance are only allergic to the pasteurized/homogenized products).

* see Pottenger cat study on raw food, cod liver oil and milk, Pottenger found that the all-raw group continued in good health generation after generation—they had excellent bone structure, freedom from parasites and vermin, easy pregnancies and gentle dispositions. All of the groups whose diet was partially cooked developed “facial deformities” of the exact same kind that was observed in human groups on the “displacing foods of modern commerce”—narrowed faces, crowded jaws, frail bones and weakened ligaments. They were plagued with parasites, developed all manner of diseases and had difficult pregnancies. Female cats became aggressive while the males became docile. After just three generations, young animals died before reaching adulthood and reproduction ceased.

#2 Farm fresh raw eggs, yes if you can find them, the danger of salmonella is up to you- clean your eggs before you crack them and make sure they are fresh-a few days to a week-not weeks old like at the store. Again, packed with essential fatty acids and protein ratio for healthy skin and hair. Those of us in natural health community know that cholesterol is not the culprit of head disease but the hardenization of arteries from heavy metals such as aluminum commonly found as fluoride in tap water.

* My special egg nog recipe!

4 raw free-range organic eggs
2 cups raw pasture-fed milk
1 cup raw pasture-fed cream
1/8 – cup raw honey
1 teaspoon fresh ground nutmeg, 1/2 tsp cardamom, 1/8 tsp ginger

Separate eggs yolk and whites.Blend egg yolks with sweetener and a touch of cream.
Separately blend egg whites until soft peaks form (whisk). Egg whites are optional. You can also make creamy egg nog by blending the whites with a small amount of cream, this makes it less fluffy and adds a creamy texture to it. Combine.  Keep in mind too much egg white causes a biotin deficiency.

#3 Triphala– triphala is a mild detoxifying tonic safe to take everyday.  It improves the efficacy of herbs when I put clients on a detox-such as with bhumiamalaki for the liver or punanarva for the kidneys.  It is tridosha so it is well tolerated by every constitution and it very beneficial for eyesight.  Its a super antioxidant and as a mild decongestant and laxative it is a necessary part of all of my weightloss programs.  Triphala, good triphala that’s organic- can be fairly easy to find and is very affordable. I prefer to use Maharishi or Banyan Botanicals.  (Remember take your anupan with all herbs, see my blog on anupans!)

#4 Green Chlorella We all dread drinking our wheat grass, spirulina-etc.  Well, not so the case with chlorella, it is impalatable so you have to take it in pill form-for the most part.  That’s the bad news. The Good news is it uniquely removes heavy metals from the body, aiding not only as a tonic for health with oxygen from the chlorophyll and important enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it is a daily detox.  As you may know, I believe that over detoxing and improper detoxing is a huge issue in our society- not so much with chlorella, it is a natural way to give your self lots of energy and keep your body balanced. Choose an organic brand from the States- NOT Japan.  This is my favorite company: Greenpath    

#5  Fermented Cod Liver Oil– Taking Cod Liver oil is just not enough, granted Nordic Naturals is one of the best brands, but the fermented cod liver oil is superior to all others. The fermentation process makes the viscous oil easily assimilated and digestable.  Most importantly, more children in our culture are being born with dental carries-within the first few years, even in baby teeth. This is a strong indicator of how broken down the human constitution has become and degenerated. Comparing to Vikings that ate large amounts of fermented cod liver oil and raw milk- with no dental care, corpses were found with perfect dental arches. A rarity in our present culture.  Taking FCLO will heal dental carries and prevent them-not to mention provide you with essential vitamin D.  Please see this website for my preferred FCLO-Green Pasture

For more information please check out my books on and lulu.

Dr. Aurore specializes in ayurvedic detoxing and body/mind natural health.  Schedule an appointment on-line or in person below!

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