Yoga Tour: The Yoga Shelter

Dr. Aurore visited The Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield, MI
Dr. Aurore visited The Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield, MI

In January and February  I visited The Yoga Shelters of Oakland County.  The picture taken here is from West Bloomfield.  At first, I was disappointed to find the studio in a strip mall but as I approached the “Shelter” from the hallway of the mall with all of its harsh fluorescent lighting-I already felt the shambala calling me to enter.  The beautiful doors of glass and wood with magical naked Goddess doorknobs invites one to enter into another realm.

Once inside the decorations and details of the studio are enchanting and high quality- not cheapy imitation-but beautiful carved wood decorations.  The people that worked there and the attendees were very warm and genuinely kind. I was able to recreate this experience at the Royal Oak and Birmingham facilities.  The music is eclectic, although I tend to like more traditional Indian music and sitar- I have been pleasantly surprised to hear a range of Led Zeppelin to Eminem.  I enjoy going there so much I signed up for 60 days and have been going 6 days out of the week!  I give this studio 3.5  stars : ) The only thing I would change is to make it hotter,  darker inside the actual studios and some beautiful paintings or inspirational murals in the studio room.

Dr. Aurore specializes in Ayurvedic detoxing and body/mind natural health-contact her today to set up an appointment on-line or in person.

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