Aurore-Vedic Organ Decongestion- Lose Weight, Get Healthy-NOW!

The Spring tells us its that time to clean out and detox.  As I mentioned in both my first and second books-detox properly-or don’t detox at all, to avoid unnecessary weight gain, skin problems and more illness!

My individualized detox/weightloss program provides essential elements to both clear out the organs and rejuvenate them so they can work optimally.  A detailed process that I help you through, step by step, so you can attain the results you need and not waste your time and money on gimmicks and over the counter one size fits all herbal concoctions.

What Can the AURORE-VEDIC Detox Do For You?

My highly specialized detox program, based on my book Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss-is recommended by medical doctor and anthroposophist Dr. Rick Tan, M.D.,

I recommend my  organ decongestion and rejuvenation program as the first and primary recommendation for a variety of disorders such as: hypothyroid, gall bladder disorders, dyspepsia, acne, fertility problems, hormone related disorders, female and genital complaints, lupus, MS and many more.  Because it is individualized I can fine tune the detox to include what you need, such as a heavy metal detox for someone with fertility disorders.

But What About Arbonne Detox and Other MLM Health Products

You may have been tricked into thinking that you were detoxing and losing weight by a very deceptive and uneducated MLM brand specialist.  We are a highly suggestible culture because of the mass water fluoridation that dulls our ability to understand more detailed concepts and because of hypnotic conditioning we have received throughout our lives from religion, television and schooling. These organizations have left us doubting ourselves and trusting individuals that don’t deserve our trust.  This is precisely how MLM schemes work-selling “health” at at the price of sanity, safety and …health itself.

When you are approached by an MLM rep misrepresenting themselves as a “health coach” or expert- you feel either uneasy or bullied. Because I spent 20 years in natural health, I see through their million dollar sales pitches and miracle cures, many do not and fall prey. Use this simple rule of thumb when being proselytized to by MLM predators.

  1. If your product is so “good” why isn’t it recognized or certified by the OCA?  Most people-if not all will reply- What’s the OCA?  The OCA is the organic consumers association and anyone who cares anything about health and food should become a member. They are a watch dog organization that exposes fake “healthy” products that make irreverent and unethical claims about their products. They also have lists of true organic companies on their site. The OCA does what the FDA and USDA should be doing and doesn’t. Most MLM companies will throw out terms like “Non-GMO, natural and gluten-free” to hook you- don’t be fooled!  Remember, there is no real truth in labeling and companies can get away with calling themselves organic often if there is only one organic ingredient in their product!

If you want to know more about specific MLM products, how to handle them and what makes them inferior, please click here for my article on MLM.

Back to Aurore-Vedic Organ Decongestion

Here’s How to Start the Program!

I offer two specials, by appointment/in office- you will need at least two visits-one for the initial consultation and one for the follow up and recommendations.  Because the detox is two to three months long another two visits are important to track your progress and help you along the way, especially when you start the fasting aspect.

The second special is through the internet/skype- 4 on-line consults, this is as individualized as can be and as long as you are dedicated to your own process of health and healing, many people do fine with this.

What’s in a Visit?: see Treatments (As outlined in her books “Beyond Natural Cures and Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss”

1. Ayurvedic/orgonomic assessment: a detailed profile of physical and emotional symptoms, pulse diagnosis, urine test for sedentary rate, iridology assessment.  After this information is attained it takes approximately one week to get results back.

2. Detailed recommendations and ayurvedic profile-in this appointment we discuss your individualized  recommendations specifically for your dosha, at this point I have also determined how many of the symptoms are psychosomatic in nature and therefore how the emotional body will effect the physical during the healing process.  Options for native local herbs or organic Vedic herbs to take for detox can be discussed.  A complete profile such as colors, perfumes, dietary recommendations will be given. The food plan is very simple to assimilate.

This profile includes:
Recommendations for color therapy-cymatic frequency to rejuvenate the organs and activate metabolism and endocrine system.

Recommendations for pranayama exercises-to encourage emotional release and organ/orgone rejuvenation and complete assimilation-Dr. Aurore’s signature Orgone Yoga.

Recommendations for Foods, herbs and lifestyle choices.

Recommendations for detox- 2-3 months, depending on colon and skin health.

Proposed fast recommendations

Subsequent appointments: Fasting recommendation and support, help with changing the detox mid-cycle should dosha change or imbalance arise.

Contact Dr. Aurore for your individualized assessment and detox today!

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