The Aurore-Vedic 8 Pt Foot (Hand) Adjustment & Reflexology

Many people suffer from impacted bones and scar tissue in their feet, photo courtesy of
Many people suffer from impacted bones and scar tissue in their feet

You Deserve BETTER

  • Health
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Immunity
  • More Energy
  • Enzyme production

Of course, everyone likes a “foot rub” but what Dr. Aurore offers is far beyond that.  The foot adjustment protocol and reflexology is like a chiropractic adjustment for your feet. This foot “rub” stimulates major organs, increases immunity, balances hormones, distributes and dissipates built up phosphoric and uric acids that contributes to gout and arthritis, calms the nervous system and helps to fix and repair compacted and fractured metatarsals-even after years of neglect.  This foot/body alignment stimulates enzyme production in the body and metabolism.


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Tamara Mathis of Troy
“I was having a hard time walking because of an ankle that was swollen for many years, often I couldn’t wear a shoe.  Dr. Aurore’s foot adjustments combined with her herbal and diet recommendations made the swelling in my ankle and foot go down dramatically in only two months. I can now wear my shoes all day, stand longer-and I have much more energy!”

 Here’s how the 45 minutes plays out-hot towels are applied to the feet with dosha specific essential oil to soften muscles and scar tissue.  A reflexology session begins to stimulate all the major organs and body systems, followed by a 6-8 pt foot adjustment and a cranio-sacral session on the ankles. 

Cymatic frequency is applied to acupressure points (for more information see my books).  Many runners and dancers enjoy the extra energy and lightness they feel on their feet and it is always fun to watch someone get up and walk after the adjustment-the look is often sheer joy and they, for some the first time in many years- place their entire foot on the ground.

Many people suffer from repeated breaks especially in their fifth metatarsal, picture courtesy of
Many people suffer from repeated breaks especially in their fifth metatarsal

and… it’s not just feet, the same adjustment can be applied to hands and this can help relieve trigger finger, carpal tunnel and other issues from over-working the phalanges and putting too much stress on the tendons and ligaments.  Read more about the metabolic hand adjustment here.

This highly specialized treatment is $60


Learn more about the marma points and nadi lines and how they stimulate healing and relate to Chinese Medicine and traditional acupuncture points, here.

Enjoy these specials:

  • A free foot adjustment for every person you refer
  • Half off your foot adjustment when added to another service


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