Triphala-A Detox Tonic, That’s SAFE

Amalaki fruit or Indian gooseberry, one of three ingredients inside of triphala
Amalaki fruit or Indian gooseberry, one of three ingredients inside of triphala

I’ve written alot about ayurveda but now I am going to start writing specifically about ayurvedic herbs and their benefits.  Ayurvedic herbs are not like Western Herbs as most of them are used as powders, spices and churnas (see my book “Beyond Natural Cures”).  Although Aloe or kumar-is regarded as the king of herbs literally, a close second would be Triphala.  Triphala is the most popular herbal compounds of ayurveda.  Triphala means three fruits because it contains haritaki, amalaki and bibhitaki.  When taken together these nourishing herbs make a tri-dosha gentle detox tonic- tonic meaning it is safe to take on a daily basis.  Triphala also enhances other herbs when taken together.  For instance in my own personalized ayurvedic detox regimen I recommend triphala along side kidney detoxing herbs like punanarva and liver detoxing herbs like bhumiamalaki.

Vaidya’s in India (ayurvedic experts) believe that if one can know how to properly use triphala-one can indeed heal all disease.  I myself have used it in eye washes to clear eye infections and in herbal enemas.  This is why triphala is classified as a rasayana this means that it increases the ojas which means longevity and rejuvenation.  It is especially a rasayana for the skin, eyes, and intestinal system.   It balances apana vata- which is a sub dosha of vata.  This rules the colon, abdomen, menstruation and elimination.  It is considered a mild laxative and clears ama or toxins.  When taken properly with an anupan (see my article on anupans), it will go deep into the physical body and organs, expelling toxins from a deeper level. In this way it balances cholesterol as it removes toxins from the fat tissue.  You can see it is already an important part of my weight loss program!

Helping clear the urinary system it also enhances the digestive system by activating the 13 agnis or digestive fires.

Lets look at the 3 ingredients individually.:

  1. Haritaki: a nourishing fruit, enhancing nutrient absorption and metabolism, a rasayana for the digestive system and eyes.  considered all dosha balancer.
  2. Amalaki: balances all three doshas because it contains 5 out of 6 ayurvedic tastes-sweet, pungent, sour bitter and astringent. Purifies toxins.
  3. Bibhitaki: Balances kapha as it eliminates excess fluid and mucus, astringent and detoxing.

If you would like more information about ayurveda, read my books or schedule an appointment with me for a dosha assessment and detox analysis.

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