Sleep Deeply & Soundly, FINALLY!

Dr. Aurore has developed a highly successful and truly relaxing insomnia program using the same methods she describes in her book, “Beyond Natural Cures”.  Here is a partial summary-created from the background of ayurveda, anthroposophy, the work of John Beaulieu, Dr. Upledger and Dr. Dinshah:




  • Utilizing aspects of ayurveda such as vata recommendations for a nervous mind that cannot calm down,

  • Cymatic frequency-color and sound filters to put the body and mind into a sedative state and stimulate the pineal gland to release serotonin.

  • Craniosacral to stimulate the Craniosacral system, release blocks and relax the entire nervous system.

  • Introducing a neural rhythm machine to reintroduce the circadian bio rhythms and help the mind to disengage from alpha state to a beta and theta state.

  • A very affordable and easy home program to keep people on their sleep healing journey.

This program that I developed has been so successful because it truly treats the body and mind together as one, in six to eight treatments people can be happily on their way to getting the sleep they need so they can be more active and engaged in their waking hours-not to mention help to slow the aging process by truly getting deep and needed rest and REM sleep!


If you would like to know more about this amazing sleep program, please call Dr. Aurore and consult with her-to find your resting place today!!



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