Hormone DETOX! Balance Your Body & Mind!

Many people don’t realize how much havoc a congested or unbalanced endocrine system can play on one’s entire health system.  Psychologically, hormone disorders can cause irritability, mood swings, unwarranted bouts of anger and frustration.  Physically, there are a myriad of symptoms, just to name a few: pre-mature aging (skin), genital disorders-amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, excessive body hair growth, melasma or dark spots on the skin, unexplained weight gain, fertility issues, birth defects…to name a few!  So, now let’s figure out if you may be a victim of an endocrine disorder.

  • Did you grow up in the USA, eating Tyson chicken, Kraft milk material and other hormone laden meats and dairy products?
  • Have you ever used birth-control pills?
  • Do you eat vegetables and fruits sprayed with pesticides?
  • Have you ever received x-rays?-(airport, doctors office, etc)
  • Do you ever eat soy?  (keep in mind soy is in almost everything-check your labels!)
  • Were you given plastics to eat off of and play with as a child? (pacifiers, teething beads, bottles)
  • Was your childhood filled with plastic toys, clothes and -plastic diapers-filled with chemicals (antimony)?
  • Do you eat ready made bread? -(filled with bromine)
  • Have you been exposed to hot tubs, pools? (bromine)
  • Do you touch a computer? (made with bromine)
  • Have you ever sat on a sofa in the USA or worn clothes with flame retardants? (PBDEs, bromine)
  • Have you used non-organic make-up that hasn’t been certified by the OCA?  (Lead, antimony,…)
  • Do you still drink out of plastic or styrofoam?  (antimony)
  • Do you use plastic wrap or Tephlon coated products and pans?  (PFOA)
  • Do you drink or bathe in “tap water” – (fluoride)
  • Do you use anti-bacterial products? (triclosan)

If you answered yes to any of these questions- chances are your hormones are not as stable as you would hope they would be, even more so as we age-so do these hormone disorders become more obvious and apparent.  Besides, your hormones being an issue, we must look at the body systemically and realize that excess hormones and toxins are stored in a congested liver.  These chemicals travel through the blood stream, set up shop in different organs and begin to take hold of your life like the Sci-Fi, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

What to Do?

First thing, is to review the list above and make changes to your lifestyle and diet!  Things like soy and mass produced meat, vegetables and fruits are simple to switch from.  Check the OCA website for trust worthy skincare companies that deserve your business and exhibit REAL truth in labeling. However, finding a sofa in the USA not sprayed with flame-retardant, is no so easy, in fact Europe has banned these materials from being used on their furniture and clothing there. This proves how strong the chemical lobby is in the USA, even to the detriment of our health!

Common chemicals in our everyday products cause disruptions and damage to our endocrine system, but there are things you can do from keeping this damage from becoming permanent.  Here are a few toxins, as mentioned above and what they do to your body.

Bromides: Potassium Bromate is a dough conditioner, brominated vegetable oils are found in sodas, methyl bromide is a common pesticide, Polybromo diphenyl esthers are in flame retardants, also found in medications and nasal sprays.

This along with other fore-mentioned disrupters, such as soy, fluoride and antimony cause thyroid suppression and iodine displacement. To learn more about these chemicals please research articles in index.

So, assuming you make some needed life-style changes, what’s next?

I routinely recommend a hormone detox to my detoxing clientele.  After I do an ayurvedic assessment, pulse diagnosis and orgone segment review- I begin to recommend a diet and detox according to ones dosha or constitution.  Depending on their symptoms and dosha this maybe two to three months, initially.

Things like hormone detoxes and blood cleanses always come at the end of a more traditional and systemic detox, as the organs need to be both cleansed and strengthened in exact order, working backwards through the body system, like unpeeling an onion from the inside out.  While performing a hormone detox-ridding the body of the excess hormones, is only one aspect.  The other aspect is strengthening and remetabolizing the entire endocrine system, paying careful attention to the master gland-the pituitary. I do this with cymatic frequency and stimulating different nadi, or marma points according to the dosha with magnetic acupuncture, touch or vedic or Pythagorean tuning forks.

I would not be exaggerating if I said this process can easily be a six month investment, but my involvement is only in the beginning and most people are well educated enough and the plan is simple enough-to finish it on their own with very little intervention.  The results can be astonishing and well worth it- a happier, healthier, more beautiful you!

For more information check out my books which details diet plans and information on ayurveda, endocrine and much more!

More on thyroid and chemicals:

Cole, William, Dr., 2014. ’11 everyday toxins that are harming your thyroid.”


Mercola, 2009. “Another poison hiding in your environment.”


Feel free to contact me for an appointment!

One thought on “Hormone DETOX! Balance Your Body & Mind!

  1. Thank you for an interesting article! I’ve already wondered for a long time how a hormone imbalance can be fixed – because my mother, after undergoing hormone therapy, gained 11 kg. And even diets cannot help (to lose all those 11 kg – a few kg were lost, but not all). So, your post is of great interest to me. I hope, it will help a lot of people who have problems with hormones.


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