Body/Mind Addiction Recovery


Dr. Aurore has worked closely and studied with addiction centered doctors/psychologists that specialize in children, teens and young adults. She provides nutritional & herbal recommendations as far as remetabolization, detoxing, nurturing, art therapy and safe émotional release in a controlled clinical and safe setting. Helping addicts to find balance, wellness and strength in being able to accept their emotions and all aspects of their character without shame is primary, along with overcoming early childhood addiction patterns, set in place, reinforced and conditioned by the birth parents and later peers.

Dr. Aurore shares this about addiction,

“One of the greatest obstacles in addiction is learning to come to terms and accept all aspects of their personality and start the process of consciously realizing and releasing guilt and shame mechanisms placed in our early childhood that keep us using again and again.  Clearly, addiction patterns mimic a split or gross polar aspects of the character looking to either sedate, repress or express and release both aspects have the issue of “escape” at their core”

For more information on Body/Mind addiction therapy, click here.

Dr. Aurore gives workshops and talks on utilizing simple methods in your life to make profound change.  She is the co-host of the radio show Overcoming Addiction with therapist in recovery Carrie Turcotte – over 30,000 listeners worldwide.

Tune in for a unique and powerful perspective on addiction recovery!

Here is a partial list of her network for addiction help:

Dr. Aurore featured here with fellow Co-Host and addiction Recovery specialist Carrie Turcotte

Dr. Edward Applebaum, DO and licensed Orgonomist, specializing in psycho-therapy for addicted teenagers and young adults.

Ms. Brancheau, Foundations Network
Ms. Brancheau is apart of the national business development team at Foundations Recovery Network

Kate Brancheau, Business Development Specialist for Foundations Recovery, a highly specialized out reach and out/ in-patient facility program for addiction and mental health.  Cutting edge programs and state of the art treatments which include a walking labyrinth, yoga and a meditation facility in Hawaii.  Foundations has 5 locations throughout the United States. Contact Ms. Brancheau for more information.

“After spending many years in the medical/pharmaceutical industry, I understand the complexities of addiction and I truly care about this growing epidemic and am here to help you or your loved ones get the help they need.”                                                                                          – Kate Brancheau

Foundations Website    Ms. Brancheau’s phone 248.802.7484

Contact Dr. Aurore below for an on-line, in-person appointment or to set up a speaking engagement.

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