The Foundations of Body/Mind Addiction Therapy


IMG_0792.JPGMy work and passion in working with people with addiction began, not when I had successfully made it through treatment in body/mind psychology-for my own traumatic childhood and subsequently recovering from abuse from an alcoholic father and ex-husband. Don’t get me wrong, these are foundational issues,  but my passion to create a deeper level of addiction help and understanding truly evolved by working with the Anthroposophical Society (the Waldorf school movement), orgonomy and naturopathy.

While living near Ann Arbor, I home schooled my children in the Waldorf method and studied anthroposophy from my best friend- a Waldorf school teacher. This also coincided with my studying to be a naturopath doctor, though my program was for Eastern Medicine, learning about Anthroposophy helped me to develop my early childhood music program and my treatments with autistic children, closed head injuries and strokes.

Waldorf education is only one part of the anthroposophy movement. There is agricultural, medical, movement, music and art-it’s a complete holistic lifestyle- founded on respecting the natural development stages of childhood, earth and life. I had seen the benefits of utilizing these treatments on my children and clients because of the evolutionary emotional/mental and psychological growth from using both sides of the brain and building up the corpus callusum- through movement, knitting, art and music-in the specific Waldorf style.

At one point I became interested in the successful anthroposophical prison ministry which helps incarcerated individuals find meaning to their life and be reintegrated into society.  I began to see  important similarities and benefits for addicts- that are imprisoned by their addictions. After all we are all addicted to something, something in our life is out of control or occupying too much of our time and health.  If we deny that fact, we are simply not being honest.

Over 2.2 million individuals are currently incarcerated in jails and prisons in the United States and over 70% return to prison within 5 years. This means that 1 in every 142 citizens is behind bars and imprisonment rates continue to rise with the established punitive rather than rehabilitative attitude toward crime. Anthroposophical Prison Outreach makes the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) available to a growing number of these individuals who are interested in self-rehabilitation. Anthroposophical Prison Outreach (APO), a non profit program, encourages incarcerated individuals to take responsibility for their lives.

This is accomplished through the study of anthroposophical teachings, the practice of meditative exercises, meaningful reflection on their own biographies and the development of positive human relationships. Combining anthroposophical concepts- with naturopathy and body/mind psychology, what I studied for 4 years with a licensed psychologist-helped me see addiction and chronic health issues as two sides of the same coin. When seeking healing, from any disorder- the true impetus of healing is making the unconscious conscious and not just meditating it away but learning how to physically realize and express emotions- repressed emotions that the body has been keeping and indirectly crying out by for years.

Many of these disorders begin in early childhood- so there is a body memory, but they are preverbal. This has to be done in a clinical setting, with professionals- but it must be done or it is simply a missing link and that unconscious- issue, urge, or feeling- will continue to manifest itself. It is our armors and defenses that we hold to, that we lie to ourself and others about- that we guard so succintly- with our life…. its exposing the darkness to light, unearthing ourselves and rising above our own limits-through releasing-NOT repressing, which is always an issue for addicts.

When to expand and when to contract- the human body- the microcosm, the macrocosm, the breath- the worm, the celled amoeba- there is a glitch in the addict- where they are “off” on the very basic movements of life.  We can relate this too anxiety and depression, where in the former the person is unconscious of why they are experiencing these physical symptoms and the energy is stuck in the periphery, in the latter the person is unconscious of why they feel sad, or nothing at all and the energy is wrapped up/damned up in the core. Many of us suffer from these glitches to varying degrees and how we handle it, and even heal it-makes all the difference.

Naturopathically- It has been proven, in Dr. Gabriel Cousnin’s book- Conscious Eating, that supplements- such as essential minerals, vitamins etc help addicts- get what they need- like a pica craving. I go one step further- where I remetabolize the body with constutional homeopathic and cymatic frequency- with color and sound. Because when people say or think they are deficient- its often, not that they aren’t “getting enough” its that their body is unable to metabolize.  You can read more here about Aurore-Veda my body/mind ayurvedic treatment program or about some of the books I have written on the subject.

This, other “glitch” in the system caused by faulty foods, GMOs etc, and chronic fever suppression-which keeps the body from healing itself and burning off natural toxins and utilizing the body’s metabolism.

This 4 fold approach- Is truly body and mind- its physical, mental and spiritual- and emotional.

Our goal is to help prisoners/addicts:

~ foster a harmonious inner life

~ leading to a balanced public/outer life

~  resulting in successful reintegration in community life

– Become comfortable with natural life expressions

The anthroposophical prison outreach is a great non-profit to donate to! Please kick here to find out more!

Tune into Overcoming Addiction, Dr. Aurore co-host’s this world wide show for addiction recovery for over 30,000 listeners– with Carrie Turcotte, addiction recovery therapist.


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3 thoughts on “The Foundations of Body/Mind Addiction Therapy

  1. I have known Aurore for over a decade and have seen her active in many different capacities: mother, wife, friend, therapist, esthetician and a striving human being. Aurore is always investigating and looking through the holes and faults created to protect ourselves in a sometimes dark and cold world. Aurore is an incredible person with the courage to move through limitations. I am blessed to know her and am proud to call her a friend, a true friend who is ready to move mountains.


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