Addiction Recovery in the Mountains!

Trip to Georgia to see Foundations Recovery Rehab facility in the mountains!

Foundations Recovery Rehab Facility, Black Bear


I was honored to take my tour and trip with Judge Linda Davis who works in Macomb County Drug Court. A true activist and inspiration- after helping her daughter survive a heroin addiction, she dedicates nearly every moment of her time helping others recover from addiction.

The facility was amazing, beautiful, progressive and filled with committed professionals that really care. One thing that stood out to me was the quality of the food- while it wasn’t organic, it was much better in taste, presentation and quality than what I had experienced when touring at expensive retirement homes and expensive children’s music camps and boarding schools.

I am staying in contact with Foundations as I believe the Waldorf correspondence course would be an excellent supplement to recovery!

2 thoughts on “Addiction Recovery in the Mountains!

  1. Are you serious? How is a junky from macomb county gonna get to atlana? Macomb drug Court can’t even afford a bus pass..this is great


    1. Tim most of the people who go to these places are funded through their families, that being said Judge Davis offers two effective programs in Michigan FAN and IMPACT, I know people that have recovered from being in her drug court- she helps people get the help they need but of course they need to want help-


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