Breast Implant Syndrome

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On the Beyond Natural Cures Radio Show, Dr. Aurore discussed the dangers of plastic in and on the human body, the Breast Implant Epidemic and what women can do if they think they are effected by this disorder but their pain, illnesses and diseases are being ignored by the medical hierarchy.  We discuss important statistics and are visited in studio by Desiree Dragin, a woman who recovered from BIS through explantation and detox.  Her amazing and heroic story really hit home when she presented the moldy and bacteria filled implants that were removed from her body. Don’t miss this show and please share it with other women you love. You can learn more about women’s breast health and how to increase your breast size naturally in Dr. Aurore’s newest book “Beyond Natural Skin Care & Weight Loss”  With over 21 pages of recipes and ideas to stay young and healthy!  Women’s health first-always.

Have you had breast implant syndrome or removal, are you experiencing complications after surgery such as scarring and stagnant lymph, edema or weight gain?  Contact Dr. Aurore for her comprehensive, individualized ayurvedic detox and lymph program.  Dr. Aurore is dedicated to helping women find health and balance! Read more about her health care programs in her book series “Beyond Natural Cures” or listen to her radio show program about it.

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4 thoughts on “Breast Implant Syndrome

  1. Most people don’t know that implants burden the immune system. They also may eventually function as toxic petri dishes inside the body breeding mycotoxins. The toxins can’t be eliminated unless the implants are removed. Nobody is willing to accept and even question if implants are the source. Too many women develop both mild and deadly auto immune diseases as a result. That is what happened to me. I was being poisoned slowly. It isnt an accident that doctors are beign trained in industrial medicine and NOT in health. Health isn’t as profitable. These are crimes against humanity.


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