Aurore-Vedic Detox & Weightloss, It Works!

This is a busy time for me, right before spring- people are working out more, wanting to lose the winter pounds….wanting to get “healthier.” Sure, people say that, but I see people with great intentions fall by the wayside.  They are just not ready to commit to their health and to be honest weight loss is often not solely about -healthy food, etc- it is deep in the psyche, connected to the body/mind and early childhood conditioning gives way to food disorders and addictions.  I know it’s an uphill battle and seemingly insurmountable. 

That’s why with my detox program, I set up several appointments either in person or on-line and I connect with my clientele to give them support and strength. And, while I think of my ayurvedic diet plans and detoxing as “simple and easy” -as I am comparing it to other programs. I know for people that are new to this or not….

Some are exhausted from being caught up in MLM schemes- paying too much money, taking low-quality supplements and overly detoxing with constitutionally wrong herbs. They are seeing negative or limited results and are literally at the end of their “natural” rope..understandably reticent.

I want to introduce, a true success story, that isn’t over yet-her and I still have about a month to go but the improvement that this client made, was clearly visible and amazing to me in such a short time.

I met Pam through our local chamber and we instantly hit it off.  I was honored when she chose me to help her on a health journey to detox and lose a few pounds.  My program and training was very different from what she had been familiarized with and exposed to.  But she was excited- as most people are at first.

Success in health is made with trust & empowerment!

During our first assessment, I had a strong inclination that she was suffering from congested organs and metabolic disturbance.  The weight gain that so many people generically call can also be “congested lymph” “Cold kidney” “Cold spleen” -she was in fact a pitta (fire) through my observations- suffering from a kapha or water imbalance.  The process for her would be an individualized diet and detox program, taking almost 2 months.  I worked on her acupuncture reflex points to stimulate her organs-and she was off and running…..

I started Pam out with a candida/colon detox and I truly had low expectations, as it was right before Christmas and there was about a month between our visits.  When we got together for our second appointment, she was half way through and ready for a metabolic liver/intestinal fast, I was pleasantly surprised when she answered the door (at the home visit).

She had already lost ten pounds from just following the ayurvedic diet recommendations I set up for her and the candida detox-not did she just look slimmer, which to me often means nothing because I look at the complete body picture- she looked healthier.  The puffiness in her face subsided substantially and the tell all kidney bags under her eyes had already receded.  Pam was also reading my book and utilizing some of the recipes!  

Beyond Natural SKincare & Weightloss
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Pam is half way done with the program but I am very pleased and very impressed at her commitment and progress.  Most of the time I don’t see progress like this until the end but to be honest, I attribute this to people not being honest or able to commit to the simple two day fast, struggle with the diet changes or their inability to give up sugar for the candida detox.

My clientele continues to have consistent good results but often it takes time, which I largely attribute to my the friendships and trust I develop with my clientele and though in the beginning maybe a rocky transition for them, if they stick to their appointments and we stay in contact-they have all the strength and power they need to move forward in health and healing.

Cheers to you Pam and thank you for working with me!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aurore, either on-line or in person please contact her below:

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