Paleo Pales in Comparison to Ayurveda

The Paleo diet is a trend diet and is just another form of Atkins.

Problems associated with protein centered diets are as follows: building up too much creatine, uric acids and ketone bodies from the excess proteins- causing inflammatory responses, hormone imbalance, kidney (arthritis/gout) problems and age acceleration.

The problem is not the evil grain as we have been sold. Nope, the fact that eliminated carbohydrates is quick weight loss is no secret, however, that is the easy, unbalanced way out and though it is a sure money maker-the real way to lose weight is to limit portions, exercise, boost your metabolism (not with caffeine and other expensive supplements *see my book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weight loss” about how to remetabolize the body), detox and diet.

You already know by reading this blog that I utilize ayurveda and specifically my Aurore-Vedic detox and diet and this produces desired and lasting results because its balanced and it doesn’t “trick” the body.

Another word on Paleo Shmaeleo

The problem the Paleo people tell you is that carbohydrates are evil mistakes put on this earth to torture us.  The real issue is the types of grain we use and if they are sprouted, brominated and GMO.  I have 21 pages of recipes in my book and information on how you CAN lose weight and Be healthy while using carbohydrates. 

“..a psychological clinging to protein, as if it is the only “safe” choice…wheat is not the only “grain,” choose grains according to your dosha. “

Beyond Natural SKincare & Weightloss
Dr. Aurore’s newest book!  Part II to Beyond Natural Cures

A grain grinder is a great investment and to me a necessity. Fresh grain retains all of its essential vitamins and minerals. You can still use wheat just less of it- fresh ground, mixed with other grains and of course make sure its organic and non-GMO.

Please check out my book for more information on effective and healthy weight loss and ayurveda, contact me below to set up an on-line or in office consult so you can start your healing journey- TODAY!

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