Breast Implant Milk & Moldy Sippy Cups: The Connection

Have you heard the anger, shock and Facebook chaos over the dreaded evil, moldy sippy cups?  A medically proven story of a child that got physically sick from drinking out of a sippy cup that had mold in it. “OMG” people say, “I would have never given that to my child had I known!” To that I say wow, I cannot believe in this day and age, with the information we have on the internet about health and the human body- that pregnant women still do not see, nor, understand the correlation of the plastic poison moldy breast implants in their body and the growing fetus inside them and breast milk.

A woman from Occupy Breastfeeding, a Facebook page to support breastfeeding mothers had this to say when I stated the lack of studies and over all scientific transparency and research of implants and breast milk.

“Breast Implants are FDA approved and there are no studies showing that milk from breast implant breasts is not safe”

First of all, FDA approval comes with a price tag, we all know that.  While, we want to believe the FDA has our best interest. Let’s look at the latest Washington Post article on breast implant studies.  The Post cited fraud and faulty studies in breast implant research and animals that had been implanted with silicone implants developed sickness and tumors. Not to mention all the thousands of women suffering from breast implant illness now and have developed horrendous auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Why do breastfeeding advocates continue to cover and defend this medical fraud?

So, if these silicone bags filled and covered with 40 different kinds of cancer causing chemicals are not good for a woman’s health and body- HOW can they be good for a tiny breast feeding infant who’s brain and organs are still developing?

The inside of the moldy sippy cup is not unlike the inside of a moldy breast implant
moldy breast implant
Moldy Breast implant removed from the human body: black mold, bacteria, chemicals and viruses

Here are common excuses:

  1. I don’t have silicone- I have saline. WRONG all implants have a silicone covering
  2. The bacteria, mold and poisons don’t get into the milk. WRONG. NY Times article cited that Eskimos that lived a clean healthy lifestyle had high levels of PCB in their breast milk. Can you believe that everything gets in your milk-but the poison implant, that is directly, in the breast under the gland!
  3. I have never had any problems with my implants: WRONG! All implants leak chemicals and most rupture. Unless you have PERFECT health, no one can definitively say they never had any problems. Sure, you have a strange rash, your hair is thin and falling out, you are infertile and have migraines, etc. But you have “never” had any problems with your implants.

Just because our doctors and pharmaceutical companies are lying to us for profit, does not mean we are obliged to believe them or take our children’s lives and put them in their hands.  They will protect each other, they will protect the pharmaceutical companies but they will not protect us, the medical “consumers”.  You will be on a wild goose chase, chasing symptoms for years- blaming Lyme disease, the sun, your parents- anything but the chemical poison bags in your body that are making you sick.

One must ask oneself- big, hard breasts- are they worth my life?  Better yet, are they worth our children’s lives?  If you answer, no, but still continue to shut out the truth in your life and spread disinformation to protect the medical abusers-then your actions state yes.

What You Can Do?

Research the truth on breast implants, many support groups on Facebook are available, thousands of other women are logging their symptoms and creating their own case studies, in spite of their doctors. I have a page dedicated to Breast Health called “Breast Health and Wellness”

EXPLANT: Its not as bad as it sounds, besides becoming healthier and getting more energy, many women are pleasantly surprised to see their breasts have grown! I have also written a book about how to increase your breast size naturally!

Social Media Revolution– has brought women together and has brought hidden information to light. You can also keep up on Twitter, mine is @draurore

Join the Legal Fight: Many class action lawsuits are brewing  against implant companies that have deliberately misled and concealed information to their customers and the general public.

Decongest Your Organs and Lymph: I help alot of women with implants move their stagnant lymph which is often painful and inundated with silicone and detox their organs and get them back on track after explantation. My highly specialized Aurore-Vedic detox, decongests organs and stimulate metabolism. I offer a reduce rate to all implant survivors!

Finally, the medical fraud of the breast implant industry is an assault on women. It preys on our weaknesses and insecurities and tells us- we aren’t good enough without- plastic.  It works along with the porn industry, telling us, as women “this is what you are” “this is what men want.”  It is time, for us as women to stand up and say, “Our lives are more important than what YOU want-porn, pain and money” We are more than this!

I hope this article gets you mad enough to heal!

Please contact me for an in-person or on-line consult that is right for you! Do it right 

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