SHOCKING! Top 10 Age-Accelerators

Since my skincare book came out, I continue to be contacted by people that are both shocked and lost as to how to care for their skin-after realizing that 90% of what they are doing is aging them rapidly.

Lets Look at some of them!


Are you shocked?  You should be, because most people don’t question some of these basic age accelerators because they are apart of our everyday lives.  Without rewriting my book here, I am going to elaborate on just two of these and provide you with some amazing research that you probably haven’t heard.

  1. Soap!  Would you be even more shocked to find out I haven’t used soap on my skin in over 20 years? At 41 my skin looks, allover, ten years younger and a big part of that I attribute to staying away from soap-the little aging you do see is on my hands, which lo and behold are the only part of my body that’s been consistently exposed to soap over the years.

So, What’s Up with Soap?

Basic science teaches us that our skin is covered with something called an “acid mantle” this is a sebum layer above the epidermis that protects the skin from bacteria (that causes acne) and keeps the PH level slightly acid to prevent dryness and crepe-iness (that skin that looks like an old wrinkled, listless, hanging sheet).

Alkalize or Die, Right?

If you are into natural health you know that alkaline is IN, not so with the skin! Soap overwhelmingly is alkaline based and while you can use soap and after apply a toner to restore the acidic level-think of the toll it takes over time on your entire body and people who chronically-wash their faces in the shower with soap, even several times a day.

One can see it in a clear line, as you imagine infants in the hospitals that are scrubbed “clean” with harsh detergents and soaps, hence, a lifelong pathway of soapy baths and alkaline skin.  While acne is overwhelmingly attributed to diet, hormonal imbalances and psycho-somatic issues, starting life out like this sets someone up that is already predisposed to acne (throwing their emotions out on the skin, etc) to not have a fighting chance. Later, this chronic alkaline state leads to rashes, aging, defenseless skin!

2. Plastic Surgery-Wow!  You mean Plastic Surgery doesn’t turn back the hands of time? Well, maybe for a short time but a study in Britain conclusively shows what seems obvious-that surgery, anywhere, in the body damages the circulatory system and micro-pathways, creating scar tissue and severing important blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The skin which is the last organ to heal, suffers the worst from this foreign attack.  A Daily Mail UK article cited a story of a woman who’s face rapidly aged and became more wrinkly and crepier within a shorter period of time. (Goldberg, 2008)

Dr. Michael Prager, a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, is convinced from his clinical experience that anti-aging cosmetic surgery actually accelerates the aging process. “Four out of five clients I see regret their decision to have anti-aging surgical procedures and come to me for non-surgical solutions,’ says Dr. Prager, who sees a steady stream of affluent, often A-list, clients at his thriving practice in London’s Wimpole Street. ‘The truth is that you can’t improve the state of healthy skin by cutting it.

From the Medical Doctor’s Mouth

‘If you cut through healthy tissue and blood vessels and detach the dermis from the underlying muscle, you inevitably create scar tissue and reduce effective circulation. Smaller blood vessels will soon grow, but they won’t be as effective as the larger vessels that used to supply the skin with the blood and nutrients it needs.

‘Skin that’s been operated on becomes thinner, and it’s volume that makes a face look young. Faces can be stretched, but the effects don’t last so you have to keep stretching. But surgery ultimately creates a flat, hollow face without the smooth, round, softness of youth.'” Says Dr. Prager.

This article also has a segment on liposuction, both radio-frequency (non-surgical) and surgical, stating these areas within ten years age faster and hollow out as well!

Anti-Aging Secrets

I am old enough to realize there really is no secret, we have been led to believe there are secrets by MLM scams and cosmetic corporations. These companies enjoy our American No Truth in labeling” incentives to make money off of us being uninformed and in the dark even about basic things, like this, soap and surgery. All of this information is actually very easy to figure out with just a high school science education.  And, while good skin products are always worthy of our business, let’s remember that relying on them alone to stay young are simply not enough to fight the hands of time.

What YOU Can Do Today!


Both of my natural health books have cutting edge, extensive information and research on these topics, my skin care and weight loss book has over 21 pages of easy recipes!  Here in my office I specialize in the Aurore-Vedic Anti-Aging Program, this is based on all of my own research and education over the last 20 years, a comprehensive program that stimulates healthy, skin from the inside out.


My Opinion

When your organs are congested, blood, oxygen and nutrients also become stuck and congested-resulting in many different disorders and the beginning of many diseases.

  • Aching in the morning
  • Eye bags
  • Tiredness
  • Lines and wrinkles in key organ acupuncture points (lungs, liver, etc)
  • Swelling
  • Forgetfulness
  • Headaches

You would be surprised how many people have surgery for this, my Aurore-Vedic program decongests the organs and lymph and stimulates the organs-to work again, more efficiently- it is NOT a cleanse or a detox full of laxatives and diuretics, it’s a complete health style program!


You will LOOK and FEEL younger!

Click here to read about the new health spa!

Schedule your appointment at my office in downtown Birmingham to schedule your own personal Aurore-Vedic Aging Assessment and find out what you can do to stay young…and healthy!

270 N. Old Woodward, Birmingham     *       248.220.4069


Read more from Shoshana Goldbergs article here:–Could-cosmetic-surgery-actually-SPEED-UP-ageing-process.html#ixzz4CcWqddVR

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